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steak knife vs table knife

Steak Knife vs Table Knife: Which Is Better for Dining?

Having the right type of knife in your kitchen is very important. With the right knife, you can cut through any food without the hassle. A steak knife and table knife are popular kitchen knives that help perform several cutting tasks, but they have different functions. Our Steak Knife vs

My Top 7 Best Steak Knives Reviewed for 2020

6 Best Steak Knives to Buy in 2023

When it comes to knives in the kitchen, a Chef’s knife is always top of mind. But once the meal is served, a steak knife is an essential tool for enjoying a juicy piece of meat. I have tested many steak knives on the market. Some are great, but others


10 Must Have Knife Types For Your Kitchen

Good knives share common traits – quality materials, full tang blades and sharp cutting edges. This buyer guide lists the best knife types to have in your kitchen. Our review includes the Chef’s Knife, a staple in every aspiring chef’s kitchen, through to versatile blades such as the Paring Knife