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Santoku vs Kiritsuke: Which Knife is Best for Kitchen Cooking?

Santoku vs Kiritsuke: Which Japanese Knife is Best for Kitchen Cooking?

While a Santoku knife is common in kitchens, chances are that the hardy Kiritsuke knife is unfamiliar to many people. This is because the Santoku is the most popular of all the Japanese knives. santoku vs kiritsuke If you are familiar with Japanese knives, you will know that no two Japanese knives are the same. Each style … Read more

Paring Knife vs Santoku: Which Knife Is Better For Your Kitchen?

We all like to work with knives that are dynamic and lightweight enough for easy maneuvering. The paring knife and the Santoku have these attributes, but they are not perfect alternatives. And in this article, we will compare the Paring knife vs. Santoku and help you explore the dynamism of each knife as well as the importance of having these … Read more

Nakiri vs Cleaver: The Verdict for Chefs and Home Cooks

Cleaver vs Nakiri: The Verdict for Chefs and Homecooks

Every chef loves a knife that can deliver the cuts as they want them. The Cleaver and the Nakiri knife are excellent cutting tools that perform some different tasks in both home and professional kitchens. But which of them should you buy? Which offers more value? In this article, we will compare Cleavers and Nakiri Knives to help you choose the best … Read more

Cleaver vs Chef Knife: The Battle of Chopping Knives

Cleaver vs Chef Knife: The Battle of Chopping Knives

Cooking great dishes start with a smooth presentation. Without the right knives in place, you won’t get anything done. For instance, a cleaver and a chef knife are kitchen tools a chef can’t do without. Despite being kitchen knives, they boast different constructions and functions. In this article, we will pit cleaver vs chef knife and help … Read more

What Is The Difference Between German and Japanese Knives?

What Is the Difference Between German and Japanese Knives?

Knives are an essential tool in any home cook’s kitchen. From chopping vegetables to cutting up meat for a stew or pot roast, knives can be used for almost all your cooking needs. However, there is a huge difference between German and Japanese knives that you need to need to know before investing in either … Read more

Nakiri vs Kiritsuke: Which Knife Is Better for Chopping Vegetables?

Nakiri vs Kiritsuke: Which Is Better for Chopping Veggies?

When it comes to kitchen knives, you can’t leave Japan out of the conversation. Japanese knives have a great reputation for exceptional sharpness and power as evident in the Nakiri and Kiritsuke. Both Japanese-style knives are popular kitchen tools thanks to their reliability. But they differ in some ways which we will explain as we compare Nakiri vs Kiritsuke. Are … Read more

Santoku vs Bunka: How Do Their Blades Differ?

Santoku vs Bunka: How Do Their Blades Differ?

If you’ve ever heard of a Bunka before, then there’s no surprise that the existence of Santoku will not come as much shock to you. These Japanese knife types share many similarities, but it’s also important to know what separates them so you can make an informed decision about which blade suits your kitchen tasks … Read more

Is a Nakiri Better Than a Chef Knife?

Nakiri vs Chef Knife: Which Knife Do You Need for Your Kitchen?

A knife is one of the most important kitchen tools you must use for every food preparation. You’re probably aware that different types of knives perform different functions. The Nakiri and Chef knives are part of them. While they are both used in the kitchen, they are not the same. Our comparison – Nakiri vs Chef Knife – will … Read more

Santoku vs Utility Knife: Which Is The Best All-Purpose Knife?

Santoku vs Utility Knife: Which Is The Best All-Purpose Knife?

The dream of every chef is to have a safe and effective knife to work within the kitchen. With knives such as Santoku and Utility knives, you have excellent tools to help you chop and slice foods. Due to both knives’ many functions, many users have trouble making the right choice. This article will set … Read more