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Is Pakkawood A Great Knife Handle?

What Is Pakkawood? Does It Make A Great Knife Handle?

Pakkawood is an engineered material that is strong, durable and fairly water-resistant. In short, it makes for the perfect material for a knife handle. This guide lists the advantages of Pakkawood handles and knife care tips to keep your knives in top shape. What Is Pakkawood? Pakkawood isn’t a natural material. Rather, it’s man-made. The … Read more

Knife FAQ – What Are Knives Used For?

Knife FAQ

A knife are useful tools used for cutting, slicing and piercing. Different types of knives are designed for different uses. Kitchen Knives are used for cutting, slicing, chopping, and dicing meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Outdoor Knives are used in the field for camping, trekking, hunting and survival. Tactical Knives are used for self-defense while … Read more