Best Kukri Knives Reviewed: What Makes The Kukri Blade Unique?

Kukri Knife's History: What Makes The Kukri Blade Unique?

There are few knives with a richer history than the bold Kukri machete. This essential outdoorsman’s blade, originally used as a traditional weapon in Nepal, is known for its distinctly curved blade. The knife also works as a great all-purpose cutting tool, making it a staple for serious adventurers. My Top 3 Kukri Knives Personally, … Read more

How to Find the Best Drywall Knife?

How to find the best Drywall Knife?

For those of us interested in home improvement or construction, a dependable drywall knife is vital to your tool kit. These knives seamlessly cut through drywall, allowing you to slice through surface leads and paints with no trouble whatsoever. The drywall knife is designed to cut your construction time in half, making it a worthy … Read more

5 Best Linoleum Knife Top Picks for 2020

5 Best Linoleum Knife Top Picks for 2020

A linoleum knife is as useful today as it was in the past. Back then, many homes would use linoleum as flooring. Nowadays, most homes use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) instead. Despite this, linoleum is still the most common term for such flooring. My Top 3 Linoleum Knives It also isn’t surprising. Both linoleum and PVC … Read more