Best Paring Knife For Your Kitchen

best paring knife for your kitchen

There are many different types of knives that you could purchase for your home. Do you need them all? Not necessarily, but there are a few that most chefs and experts agree you should have in your kitchen. One of these necessary knives is called a paring knife. My Top 3 Paring Knives What is … Read more

Best Butcher Knife for 2021

best butcher knife

Butcher knives are typically found in butcher shops and restaurants. However, they also make a great addition to any home kitchen. If you ever cut, separate, or trim large pieces of meat, then you need a butcher knife. My Top 3 Butcher Knives What exactly is a butcher knife? What else can you use it … Read more

The Best Vegetable Choppers in 2021

best vegetable chopper

Everybody knows that vegetables are an important part of our everyday diet. However, it can be tricky to find the time to prepare veggies properly, especially on a regular basis. I’ve personally found great success in utilizing a commercial vegetable chopper in addition to my beloved chef and paring knives. My Top 3 Vegetable Choppers … Read more

Best Damascus Swords and Katanas 2021

Damascus steel sword

Damascus steel was once used to make the strongest swords known to the ancient world. The original method of forging them has since been lost, but a modern method has been developed to recreate strong, durable, and sharp swords that are probably quite similar to the original Damascus steel. It’s often combined with Japanese forging … Read more

Best Santoku Knife Review 2021

best santoku knife

What is a Santoku Knife? A Santoku knife is a kitchen knife used for a variety of food preparation activities. It can chop, dice, slice, and mince. It typically features a sheepsfoot blade that measures between five and eight inches with a flat edge and 60-degree curve at the point. My Top 3 Santoku Knives … Read more