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best military survival knife

A Military Pilots Guide to Survival Knives

In the demanding world of aviation, where split-second decisions can be the line between life and death, every piece of gear must serve its purpose efficiently and reliably. Among these critical tools, the survival knife stands out as an emblem of preparedness and resilience. What is a Survival Knife? But what exactly is a survival knife? At its

survivalist knife

How To Choose a Survival Knife | Complete Guide

In the wild, your knife is more than just a tool—it’s an extension of your own body, a faithful companion that can determine your fate in the face of adversity. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman, an amateur adventurer, or a weekend warrior, a good survival knife is essential for tackling the challenges that Mother Nature throws your way.

Santoku vs Kiritsuke: Which Japanese Knife is Best for Kitchen Cooking?

Santoku vs Kiritsuke: Which Knife is Best for Kitchen Cooking?

While a Santoku knife is common in kitchens, chances are that the hardy Kiritsuke knife is unfamiliar to many people. This is because the Santoku is the most popular of all the Japanese knives. santoku vs kiritsuke If you are familiar with Japanese knives, you will know that no two Japanese knives are the same. Each style is crafted for

paring knife vs santoku knife

Paring Knife vs Santoku: Which Knife Is Better For Your Kitchen?

We all like to work with knives that are dynamic and lightweight enough for easy maneuvering. The paring knife and the Santoku have these attributes, but they are not perfect alternatives. And in this article, we will compare the Paring knife vs. Santoku and help you explore the dynamism of each knife as well as the importance of having these two knives in

Steak Knife Serrated vs Straight: Which Will Leave a Clean Slice of Steak?

Do Straight or Serrated Steak Knives Have a Cleaner Slice?

The trick to cutting steak is to have a clean slice without losing too much juice. Cutting a steak with the right knife helps you retain as much juice in each slice of your steak for you to enjoy. Both options are incredible and would deliver an excellent cut depending on the steak they are dealing with. However,

What Knife Do You Use in Cutting Bones?

What Knife Do You Use to Cut Through Bone? KnifeBuzz FAQ

Sometimes, you want to cut your whole meat all by yourself, perhaps save a few dollars or get precise cuts of meat. Whichever the case, you will need the right knife to do the job. Without the right knife, you may end up destroying unsuitable expensive knives you think are best for the job. So then, what knife do you use in

paring vs filleting knives

Paring vs Filleting Knives – How do they Differ?

This guide will walk you through the differences between Filleting and Paring Knives. Filleting Knives are best for slicing while the compact Paring Knives have better flexibility for peeling and cutting. But which knife is best for you? What is a Paring knife used for? A Paring Knife is an essential tool for every kitchen. There are different

What Knife Is Best for Cutting Onions?

What Knife Is Best for Cutting Onions?

Who doesn’t like the sweet aroma and crunchiness of onion in their meal? For onion lovers, no proper meal is complete without a hint of properly cut onions. This is because onions are one of the world’s most used vegetables and spices. They have great flavor, but cutting could be such a challenging task.  With how slippery onions

How to Tell If Knives Are Sharp?

How to Tell If Knives Are Sharp?

The most important tool in the kitchen is a knife. However, no one likes the additional effort to get things done when using a dull knife. Aside from this, using a blunt knife could be very dangerous as it is more susceptible to slipping off. Instead of discovering a dull knife while prepping a meal, what if you

safe handling of old knives

3 Best Ways on How to Dispose Household Knife

No matter how great a knife is, there comes a time when you will need to replace it with a new, sharper knife. A new knife makes everything easier to cut through any ingredient in your kitchen. However, safely disposing of your knife should be your main priority. Knives are dangerous items that may result in injury if not disposed


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