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Railroad Spike Knife: A Perfect Gift for Knife Enthusiasts

Anyone that has spent a decent amount of time collecting knives knows how rich in history this intricate hobby is. But even knife collectors like me will occasionally discover a knife that really takes us out of our comfort zone. In my case, that means my discovery of the wonderful railroad spike knife.

My Top 3 Railroad Spike Knives

5 Best Railroad Spike Knives Reviewed

This relatively simple knife has a deep history behind it. As the name would suggest, it’s a knife that is made from the remains of an old railroad spike. Most are hand-crafted and designed for recreational use. Holding one of these knives in your hands, you’ll easily get sent back in time to the days of the old railroads.

The Best Railroad Spike Knives Of 2022

1. K11 Railroad Spike

K11 Railroad Spike

The Railroad Spike by Northern Crescent Iron makes for a wonderful gift. It has an extravagant design that is unique without being too much. The curved design makes the twisted handle have a unique look while still having a decent level of comfort behind it.

The blade itself is handmade with powerful carbon steel. The end result is a knife that is beautiful to look at while still having a rough and strong look and feel.

Like other gift knives by Northern Crescent Iron, the Railroad Spike is easy to engrave and makes for a great gift. Although it doesn’t come in a gift box, the knife itself more than makes up for any potential flaws.

Overall, this is a quality gift for any knife enthusiast.


  • Makes for a great gift
  • Easy to engrave
  • Handmade using strong carbon steel


  • Handle is somewhat uncomfortable
  • Not the most practical knife around
$70.00 from Amazon

2. K13 Railroad Spike

K13 Railroad Spike

The K13 is another railroad spike knife designed by Northern Crescent Iron. Like the others, the K13 also makes for a great gift. It may not come with a sheath or a gift box, but the K13 is still well worth the price.

Not just that, this handmade knife is created using a railroad spike of the highest quality. Just the feel of it in your hands makes it easy to feel just how good the quality is.

Unlike other knives, the handle is crafted with a beautiful handmade design that makes the K13 unique among knives. Although it may not be the best for it, the design of this knife also allows it to be a practical tool.


  • Easy to turn into the perfect gift
  • Has a design that is unique and exciting
  • Can be both a display piece and a practical tool


  • Doesn’t come with a sheath
  • Isn’t the best at holding an edge
$80.00 from Amazon

3. Groomsmen Gift Knife

Groomsmen Gift Knife

This Groomsmen Gift Knife by Northern Crescent Iron is, as the name would suggest, the perfect gift for any knife enthusiast. It features a breathtaking curved designed. Both the blade and the handle are curved and gives it an S-shape look.

This design choice also allows the knife to be comfortable to hold. The blade itself is made with decent material. The result is a knife that is both a display piece and a practical tool.

More than that, however, this knife makes for a fine choice of gift. The blade is wide enough to allow you to easily add a custom engraving to it. Combine that with great durability plus a beautiful design and you have the perfect gift for that special someone.


  • Has an interesting curved design
  • Easy to add a custom engraving
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t come in a gift box
  • Heavy and not well-balanced
$65.00 from Amazon

4. SZCO Supplies Twisted Railroad Spike

SZCO Supplies Twisted Railroad Spike

The Twisted Railroad by SZCO Supplies is unique even among other railroad spike knives. Specifically, the handle of this knife is one-of-a-kind even among non-railroad spike knives.

Made with carbon steel, this handle is twisted in both look and shape. This gives it a rough and unfinished look when combined with the rest of the knife. Unfortunately, this does come with the unfortunate side-effect of being uncomfortable to hold.

Since this is more of a display knife, this con isn’t much of a problem. In fact, it does the opposite as the twisted look really gives it a look of its own.

Overall, the Twisted Railroad makes a wonderful display piece to have in your home.


  • Has a rough, unfinished look
  • Has a good, hefty feel
  • Durable


  • Metal is soft and has difficulty holding an edge
  • Not great for practical use
$23.33 from Amazon

5. Mythrojan Twisted Railroad Spike

Mythrojan Twisted Railroad Spike

The Mythrojan Twisted may at first glance seem similar to other knives, but don’t be fooled. This gorgeous knife has its own unique take on just what it means to be a railroad spike.

Like the Twisted by SZCO Supplies, the handle on the Mythrojan also has a twisted look. Unlike the SZCO, however, the twist that the Mythrojan has is completely its own. The style, shape, and overall look of the handle gives it a distinct look that is easy to recognize.

This knife is made with strong tempered carbon steel. Unlike other decorative knives, the Mythrojan is easy to turn into a knife with practical use. Again, however, the handle on it isn’t the most comfortable and leaves the knife better off as a display piece where it excels.


  • Made with strong tempered carbon steel
  • Has an original and unique design
  • Easy to sharpen


  • Smaller than you would expect
  • Came dull out of the box
$19.95 from Amazon

How to Find the Best Railroad Spike Knife?

Railroad Spike knives, like many other knives, can be hard to find. More accurately, it can be incredibly difficult to find one that is worth your hard-earned money.


Take the material of the knife, for instance. A railroad spike knife that isn’t made with strong materials is a knife that should be avoided. At the same time, however, it’s also just as important to take the rest of the knife into account.


A railroad spike knife made with weak material can easily be worth the cost if the design of it is strong. Unless you’re looking for something practical, the aesthetics of a knife are as much of an important quality as everything else. For a display piece, it may even be more important.

But that still doesn’t mean you should ignore everything else.


Price is an important quality and one you should spend a good deal of time understanding. It doesn’t matter if a knife is cheap or if it’s expensive – if it lacks a quality that makes you go wow, it’s rarely worth it.

What Is A RailRoad Spike Knife?

Railroad spike knives are exactly what the name tells you they are. It’s a knife that is made from an old railroad spike.

Old Railroad Spikes: Where Railroad Spike Knives are crafted from.
Old Railroad Spikes

Usually, this means the knife is handmade and more of a display piece, but it’s just as easy to find one that makes for a practical tool that you can use in your day to day life.

Many railroad spike knives are crafted around an interesting design, usually involving the handle. As you would expect, this makes most railroad spike knives a wonderful display piece.

But they can also serve as an interesting gift.

What is a Railroad Spike Knife used for?

A railroad spike is an interesting knife, but what exactly is it good for? Like many knives, it can have many purposes. The most common, however, is as a display piece.

What is a Railroad Spike Knife used for?
Photo Credit: How to Make a Railroad Spike Knife by

As this is a knife that is handmade, it features a beauty that is difficult to find in regular knives. Many railroad spikes have various decorations engraved in the blade or built into the handle. For most knife enthusiasts, a railroad spike knife’s only purpose is to serve as a wonderful display piece for their collection.

Sometimes, however, you can find the railroad spike being used for a more practical purpose.

Using Railroad Spike Knives

Although rare to see, a railroad knife can be used for many small and minor tasks. However, due to the design of such a knife, it cannot be used for any major task that would involve cutting. Although the blade itself may be sharp, the material that most railroad spikes are made of has difficulty holding an edge.

Despite that, such knives are perfectly adept at other such tasks. They can be used to pry something open. Some knives have a handle that can serve as a makeshift hammer.

The Hidden Potential Of Railroad Spike Knives

Railroad spike knives are unique. They are made with material from a bygone era and a rich history inside.

These knives, the K11 or K13 for instance, make for the perfect gift or a great display piece. Others, like the Groomsmen Gift Knife or Mythrojan, make for a gift that is just as wonderful with an extra side of practicality.

If you’re a knife enthusiast like I am, trust me when I tell you that the railroad spike is a knife you want in your collection.

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