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best military survival knife

A Military Pilots Guide to Survival Knives

In the demanding world of aviation, where split-second decisions can be the line between life and death, every piece of gear must serve its purpose efficiently and reliably. Among these critical tools, the survival knife stands out as an emblem of preparedness and resilience. What is a Survival Knife? But

My 7 Best Survival Knife Picks of All-Time

Best Survival Knife For Your Next Big Adventure

A survival knife is an essential tool that is used for protection and thriving in a wilderness environment. These knives are used by the military, and by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for trapping, skinning, and cutting game. My Top 3 Survival Knives Survival knives are traditionally thick with heavy blades

How does an OTF knife work?

What Is An OTF Knife and How Does It Work?

I’ve already held so many knives in my hand having different handle types, blade styles, and sizes. Yet one of the knives that fascinated me the most is the OTF knife. To give you an idea, an OTF knife is some sort of a switchblade or an automatic knife. Its

what knives do assassins use

The Stiletto Knife: Definitive Guide [BEGINNERS FRIENDLY]

As a knife collector, I’ve tried out many different knives over the years. Some knives I’ve tried once or twice and forgotten about them. My time with the stiletto knife wasn’t one of those times. This is a knife that is both practical and a great display piece. It’s a

gravity knife with metal handle

Gravity Knives: What Are They and Are They legal?

Gravity knives have been around for more than 50 years, yet they continue to attract attention and controversy, even in recent years, due to questions surrounding their legality. They were invented during World War II in Germany and spread to the United States and the United Kingdom during that time.

ballistic knife

What is a Ballistic Knife? How Does it Work? Where to Buy?

There are many types of handheld knives available on the market. They include various types of pocket knives, small hunting knives, and certain types of utility knives. One handheld knife that often comes up is the ballistic knife. A ballistic knife is a handheld knife with a removable blade, which