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What Is The Best Cheese Knife for Cheese Fans?

Everyone has their favorite type of cheese. Some people have a soft spot for brie, while others prefer cheddar. And if you’re a cheese lover, you know that the best way to serve is on a plate. But how can you cut through those slices when they’re so thick? The answer is choosing the right cheese knife. But when it comes to answering the question “What is the best cheese knife”, there is no one size fits all answer.

My Top 3 Cheese Knives

In this post, I’ve highlighted seven of my favorite cheese knives for cutting through all types of cheeses so that your next dinner party can be as enjoyable as possible.

7 Best Cheese Knife for Cheese Enthusiasts

Here are my top picks for best cheese knives on the market today.

1. Zwilling J.A Henckels Cheese Knife Set

Zwilling J.A Henckels Cheese Knife Set

These cheese knives from Zwilling J.A Henckels are the ultimate quality and durability, and they stand out as the best stainless steel cheese knives on the market. These knives do not disappoint, with larger handles that prevent your knuckles from scraping the board when chopping.

The blades come in three distinct shapes and sizes, allowing you to cut various varieties of cheese. The multi-pronged knife may be used as a cheese fork and a hard cheese slicer. The perforated knife, on the other hand, is ideal for softer cheese portions. Lastly, the shorter pointed blade has a form edge that may be used to break up old cheese. 


  • The blades are very sharp
  • Built with ultimate quality and durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Well worth the price


  • Quite expensive
$69.26 from Amazon

2. Silver Twig Soft Cheese Knife

Silver Twig Soft Cheese Knife

The Silver Twig Soft Cheese Knife is probably one of the best Rustic knives on the market. It is a great tool for cutting soft and semi-hard cheeses, then picking them up with the pronged end and serving on a cracker.

The stunning silver handle is the knife’s most notable feature. This knife has a rustic style that matches the user’s tastes, and it is also available in a flat variant for tougher cheeses, but it is offered separately. The knives are reasonably priced, so your pocketbook shouldn’t suffer too much; go ahead and grab this beautiful set. 


  • Eye catchy design
  • Perfect for occasions
  • Unique addition to any knife displays


  • Could be uncomfortable to hold
from Amazon

3. Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Cheese Board

Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Cheese Board

If you’re looking for a housewarming gift or wedding present, then look no further than the one of a kind cheese board from Bambüsi. Made out of premium bamboo, it has two separate sections: One for your cutting needs as well as one to store them when not in use. This will be sure to please any friends that love entertaining at home or hosting their own parties on occasion.

The wooden cheese tray comes packed with everything that you need for an elegant and delicious Charcuterie board. In addition to four different cheese knives, there are two white markers, three slate labels, as well as a wine opener and a carrying bag.

This is the only cheese board that is not just functional, but beautiful. With a hidden sliding drawer to store all your knife needs in one convenient location.


  • A thoughtful gift set
  • Built with superior design and quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Board is 100% food-safe


  • The board is prone to splitting after a number of uses
$39.99 from Amazon

4. Wrnkl Fre Rose Gold Cheese Knife Set

Wrnkl Fre Rose Gold Cheese Knife Set

The Wrnkl Fre Rose Gold Cheese Knife Set has four knives designed specifically for cutting, spreading, and slicing cheese in a variety of shapes and textures. The set includes a mini spade knife for hard cheese like Asiago, a mini fork for soft cheese like Camembert, a narrow plane knife for semi-hard cheeses like Brie and Gouda, and a flat cheese knife perfect for crumbly cheeses such as Feta or Blue.

These premium grade stainless steel knives come delivered in an elegantly packaged Wrnkl Fre box which makes it the perfect gift for cheese lovers.


  • Sturdy and durable knives
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of premium stainless steel
  • Perfect gift for cheese enthusiasts


  • Not dishwasher safe
from Amazon

5. Kikkerland Mouse Cheese Knives

Kikkerland Mouse Cheese Knives

The Kikkerland Mouse Cheese Knives should be voted the best-looking cheese knives on the market. The knife’s lovely appearance makes you want to stare at it every day.

These cheese-eating blades are made of hardwood handles fashioned like ears on a three-piece set: A cheese fork that may be used to cut up an old cheese into smaller pieces. A flat knife is used to cut and slice soft cheese, and an all-purpose knife with an almond-shaped pointy edge is used to cut through cheese with rougher textures.

These cheese knives may also be used as attractive decorations for any party or picnic, and they make an excellent present for anybody you know. 


  • Beautiful design
  • Knives came sharp out of the box
  • Easy to clean
  • Are great for displays


  • There are sharp edges on the knives so you need to be careful in handling them
  • Prone to rusting
$15.30 from Amazon

6. Boska Holland Cheese Slicer

Boska Cheese Slicer with White Oak Handle

The Boska Holland Cheese Slicer is a high-quality cheese slicer is made in Boska, the Netherlands. If you know anything about the Netherlands, you know they are famous for their cheeses, particularly Gouda. And with a love of cheese comes a love of cheese equipment. The Boska cheese slicer is one of them.

For years, the municipality of Boska has been producing cooking instruments using techniques and designs that have lasted the test of time. This paddle-shaped knife’s hand-polished handle is made of white wood, giving it a simplistic look while being strong and perfectly built.

The stainless-steel blade efficiently cuts through a variety of textures, from semi-hard to hard. Bring any cheese you like; this blade will do the trick. 


  • Good-looking and functional cheese slicer
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Smaller than expected
$28.95 from Amazon

7. Prodyne Multi-Use Knife

Prodyne Multi-Use Knife

The Prodyne Multi-Use Knife works with every sort of cheese, whether it’s the creamy Roquefort or the crumbly . It’s composed of high-density stainless steel and has a 5.5-inch serrated edge and open-surface blade, which is ideal for preventing soft, melty cheeses from adhering to the blade.

The knife is also designed to cut appealing slices of semi-soft cheeses like aged Gouda and a tang to cut tougher dishes. Users have also stated that this knife is excellent for cutting other difficult-to-slice meals.

Anything that has to be cut, from vegetables to ice cream cake and cheese, may be sliced with this knife. Cleanly cutting through food effortlessly. 


  • A knife for most types of cheese
  • Cuts with very little effort
  • Doesn’t stick
  • Easy to hold and control


  • Rust spots may appear after washing a couple of times
$12.08 from Amazon

What is the purpose of a cheese knife?

What is the purpose of a cheese knife and how to find the best cheese knife?

A cheese knife is a type of kitchen knife specialized for the cutting and slicing of cheeses. Different types require different knives, with hard to soft being the primary difference in what’s available on your shelves. There are also a number of other tools made for these purposes like slicers and mandolines that happen to be worth checking out as well.

What is the best cheese knife for cheese enthusiasts?

Cheese knives are an essential part of any cheeseboard. There is not a single type of knife, rather there are different types that serve different purposes when it comes to cutting and serving hard or soft cheeses alike. So it’s always good to practice using the appropriate tool for the job. In this case, you’ll need one specific kind of blade for each variety.

1. Soft Cheese Knife

Soft Cheese Knife

Example of a Soft Cheese Knife

A soft cheese knife is a special type of blade that features holes in the blade to keep cheeses from sticking due to their minimal surface area. You can also use those same holes, for example with fresh mozzarella or brie, and push off chunks onto your plate as you slice through it.

2. Cheese Spreader

Cheese Spreader

Example of a Cheese Spreader

A cheese spreader is a knife designed for applying creamy, soft cheeses like Robiola or Stracchino to slices of bread and crackers. The blade has no sharp edges so it doesn’t cut the surface of softer types of cream cheese as you make your way across its face with liberal globs.

3. Hard Cheese Knife

Hard Cheese Knife

Example of a Hard Cheese Knife

Aged hard cheese is typically found in wheels or wedges, and it’s difficult to cut with a typical knife. A hard cheese knife is designed for the thickest aged cheeses of all varieties. This specialty tool has a long straight blade that can easily pierce through any type of cheese without breaking it apart. One side often has handles built-in so you can apply even pressure as you slice into your newly formed cheese piece.

4. Flat Cheese Knife

Flat Cheese Knife

Example of a Flat Cheese Knife

A cheese slicer, or chisel as it is referred to in culinary lingo, has a wide flat blade that enables you to cut even slices of semi-soft cheeses like Provolone and Swiss. It also features an edge at the bottom for cutting down thin wedges if desired.

5. Narrow Plane Knife

Narrow Plane Knife

Example of a Narrow Plane Knife

A cheese knife designed for cutting semi-soft to hard cheeses, the sharp edge of this trapezium-shaped blade is ideal to chip away at a block. The narrow shape makes it perfect when slicing through thicker blocks and can also take care of softer varieties like Gouda or Cheddar with ease.

6. Parmesan Cheese Knife

Parmesan Cheese Knife

Example of a Parmesan Cheese Knife

A parmesan cheese knife is made to break off chunks of hard and dry cheeses like Parmesan, Castelmagno, and Grana Padano. It has a sharp edge that makes cutting rinds open easy as well. A parmesan cheese knife has two styles: the bell-shaped style with an arrowhead-shaped blade for softer cheeses or the compact style which has a shark tooth shape on it, perfect for harder varieties like the parmesan cheese.

7. Cheddar Cheese Knife

Cheddar Cheese Knife

Example of a Cheddar Cheese Knife

A cheddar cheese knife is an essential tool for any kitchen. With its sharp long edge, it effortlessly cuts through semi-hard and hard cheeses with ease. The wide rectangular blade keeps your knuckles from hitting the board as you cut slices of your favorite cheese. No matter what type of cheese you’re cutting, a cheddar cheese knife will make short work out of them all.

8. Gorgonzola Knife

Gorgonzola Knife

The sharp blade of the gorgonzola cheese knife is perfect for cutting through hard cheeses, but it can also be used to spread softer types as well. A rounder edge with one pointed end allows you to place even pressure on your cheese so it doesn’t slip off onto a plate or countertop when spreading it out as some other knives might do.

9. Pronged Cheese Knife

Pronged Cheese Knife

Example of a Pronged Cheese Knife

When you need to cut a piece of cheese and then pick it up with the prongs at the end for serving or plating, getting your hands on the pronged cheese knife is an absolute must. This multipurpose tool allows you to slice through soft cheeses like Brie without sticking while still retaining enough length in its blade for slicing tougher Parmesan varieties.

10. Slim Blade Cheese Knife

Slim Blade Cheese Knife

Example of a Slim Blade Cheese Knife

The slimmest of cheese knives, the blade is offset from the handle to provide room for your hand while slicing. The slimness and sharp edge mean that it cuts through soft and semi-hard cheeses with ease.

Finding the best cheese knife

Your personal preference for cheese will determine the type of knife you need to purchase. There are a wide variety of knives available, including cheese slicers. However, the best knife for most people is one designed specifically to cut that specific kind of cheese.

The best cheese knife for you is the one that fits your needs. There may be a lot of options out there, but I hope this list helped you on finding the best cheese knife for you and your kitchen.

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