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How to choose Chef and Kitchen Knives

Kitchen & Chef Knives

Our Kitchen Knife reviews include top Japanese and German chef knives and promising new brands. Popular kitchen knife styles include Nakiri, Kiritsuke, Santoku, Bunka, Cleavers, Paring, Ulu and Mezzaluna Knives.

best survival knives

Outdoors & Survival Knives

Our Outdoor Knife reviews cover the best blades for hiking, camping, hunting and survival. Popular outdoor styles include Machete, Bolo, Bowie, Kephart, Karambit Ganzo and Damascus pocket knives.

best otf knives

Tactical & Military Knives

Our Tactical Knife reviews help you choose the best tool for self defense. We also review combat knives designed for the military. Popular styles include OTF, ballistic, stiletto, and gravity knives.

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Our Top Category Picks

Best Japanese Knives 2022

Japanese chef knives are ideal for precision cutting. They often feature hand crafted steel that maintains sharpness while feeling balanced and light to handle.

Best Wusthof Knife Sets 2022

Wusthof design high quality knives favored by celebrity chefs and passionate cooks. This guide will help you make a wise investment.

Best Camping Knives 2022

A hiking trip isn’t complete without a camping knife. From food prep, skinning game, whittling tent stakes and splitting kindling, this is a vital survival tool.

Damascus Pocket & Folding Knives

Damascus steel folding and pocket knives are strong, durable, sharp, and beautiful. The downside is that they require careful maintenance, and not all Damascus knives are created equal.

How We Choose & Compare Knives

Expert knowledge to help you buy smart

Knife Buzz provides expert knowledge about knives and knife accessories including ratings and data about how they measure up in various categories of performance. We explain what sets a product apart from its competitors, and suggest other comparable products based on price or use.

We also look at how the knives have been designed, and what type of person they are targeted to – so you can make your decision based on what is right for you.

Our Buyer's Guide to Kitchen Knives

As an authority on knives, I pride myself on knowing the true ins and outs of every blade I can get my hands on. I have created this ultimate knife buying guide for both novices and professionals that covers all types of knives to make sure that you’re getting the best tool for your needs. It also includes maintenance and safe handling tips for beginners who are new to the knife world.

READ MORE for tips on picking the right chef knife for your kitchen.

What Makes a Good Knife?

This question is more common than you’d think. A good knife is designed for a specific task and needs to have:

  • the right weight
  • the right blade length and edge
  • a suitable handle; and
  • safety features to reduce injury

All Blade Designs Vary in Weight
A lightweight blade is more flexible but has less chopping power. Heavier knives have massive chopping power, but they are difficult to use for precise cutting.

Blade Lengths Vary for Different Tasks
Most outdoor blades are shorter than kitchen blades since they are built for compact, portable use. Blade edges also vary so check if the knife is serrated, curved, or flat-edged. This will give you an idea of the knife’s intended purpose.

Choose the Right Knife for Your Needs
To help you choose the right knife, the Knife Buzz Types of Knives Ultimate Buying Guide covers a wide variety of knives available for the kitchen, outdoors, home maintenance, survival, and ceremonial use. This guide also includes advice on knife accessories, knife sharpeners, knife storage, knife maintenance, and knife safety tips.

READ MORE to choose the right knife.

Key parts of a knife

Parts of a Knife: Knife Anatomy Explained

Knowing the parts of a knife is essential for maintaining the knives you have and choosing a new knife to suit your needs.

Most knives can be divided into two sections, the blade, and the handle. Each section can be further subdivided into parts which can vary by knife. These parts are easily recognizable once you learn their names, locations, and functions.

The Knife Blade Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes
The blade is the part of the knife that does the cutting, and it comes in many different shapes and sizes. The blade is usually made of one metal, though this can be a single piece or some sort of forged alloy. The metals used in a knife blade can vary, but the most common include stainless steel, Japanese steel, carbon steel, iron alloys, and Damascus steel.

The blade is divided into eight parts:

  • Point – where the edge and spine meet
  • Tip – part of the edge that is near the point
  • Belly – used for most cutting tasks
  • Heel – located between the belly and the bolster
  • Edge – contains the tip, belly, and heel
  • Bolster – provides strength, stability, balance, and safety
  • Spine – top of the knife, can be dull or sharpened
  • Tang – thin metal strip that fits inside the handle

Good Knife Handles are Designed to Protect Your Hand
The handle is the part of the knife that you hold in your hand. It is mostly there for safety since you would likely cut yourself if you were holding the sharpened blade. The handle also protects the blade from moisture and rust.

The handle is divided into three parts:

  • Scales – placed on each side of the tang. Can be smooth or etched for better grip
  • Butt – the end of the knife
  • Rivets – metal pins that attach the tang to the scales

READ MORE in the Knife Anatomy Explained buyers guide.

What Are The Types Of Knives And Their Uses?

As an authority on knives, the Knife Buzz team pride ourselves on knowing the true ins and outs of every blade that we can get our hands on. However, with so many blades, it can be a lot to keep track of.

That’s why we have created this ultimate knife buying guide for both novices and professionals. This guide covers all types of knives and will you help get the best tools for your needs. We have also provided some general maintenance and safety tips for beginners who are new to the knife world.

Kitchen and Chef Knives are used for cutting, slicing, chopping, and dicing meat, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. 

Outdoor Knives are used for hiking, camping, hunting and survival. These knives are excellent for whittling tent stakes, splitting kindling for a campfire, shaping roasting sticks, food preparation and skinning game.

Tactical, Combat and Military Knives are vital tools for self-defense while Military Knives are typically used in conflict zones.

Specialty Knives, Swords and Daggers are sought after by collectors and can make stunning displays in the home. These blades include Damascus Swords and Katanas, Khyber Knives, Kukri Knives, Obsidian Knives, Scottish Dirks, and Kris Daggers.

READ MORE on knife types and their uses in this buyers guide.

Latest Articles

bunka vs santoku cooks knives

Santoku vs Bunka Knives: How Do These Japanese Blades Differ?

The main difference between these Japanese knives is the shape of their blade tips. The Santoku has a curved tip while the Knife Bunka features a reverse tanto tip. Santoku knives are designed for dicing, slicing, and mincing. Bunka knives are ideal for precision cutting such as scoring vegetables, julienne and brunoise cuts.

carbon knives vs damascus steel

Damascus Steel vs Carbon Steel: Which Blade is Better?

Damascus steel and carbon steel are two of the most common materials used to forge knife blades. They are strong, durable, and have sharp edges that are easy to cut with. Damascus steel has beautiful patterns and are usually higher in price. Carbon steel knives are more simplistic in appearance and more affordable.

wusthof vs victorinox chef knives

Wusthof vs Victorinox: Which Knife Brand Is Better For Slicing And Chopping?

Wusthof and Victorinox are respected brands that offer elegant, razor-sharp, and durable knives. Wusthof knives are best for chopping vegetables and are sharper out of the box than Victorinox. But if you are mostly using a knife for slicing, a Victorinox will serve you better. These blades are curved perfectly for a slicing motion.

best damascus sword for beginners

Best Damascus Swords for Collectors

Damascus steel is used to make swords, knives, and other blades that are strong, sharp, and durable. The forging process also creates beautiful pattern which makes Damascus Swords and Katanas an elegant addition to any home. This guide will help you choose the perfect blade and advise you how to care for it.


Best Knives for Survival Camping

Survival knives are traditionally thick with heavy blades that are able to cut through tough materials. These days, smaller, more lightweight versions are available which are easier to carry when camping or trekking. Specialist survival knives also feature a hollow handle to store small and easy to lose items.

what are otf knives good for

How Does an OTF Knife Work?

Out-the-Front Knives use a spring mechanism to push the knife out of the handle. This eliminates the need to change your grip before pressing the trigger. In contrast, switchblades open from the side, similar to gravity and traditional folding knives.

ka bar knife

Best Kephart Knives for Outdoor Survivalists

Not every knife is beautiful. Some knives are rugged with a strong sense of toughness inside. More often than not, these are the knives that are designed to be practical. These are the knives that every outdoorsman wants on their toolbelt. For serious outdoor survivalists, few knives can match the utility and power of the Kephart knife.

best keychain multi tool

Best Keychain Tool For Everyday Use

Keychain tools come in a wide variety of designs. One piece tools can open bottles and tighten screws. Other styles are designed for survival with an emergency whistle, flint rod, flint cutter, keyring, and paracord. Personal care tools can include nail clippers, a knife, a bottle opener, and scissors.

wood carving knife

Best Wood Carving Tools for Beginners

With a trusty set of wood carving knives by your side, you are free to create beautiful, ornate masterpieces with just a block of wood. This hobby is extremely rewarding and will teach you the great value of craftsmanship and patience. This guide covers Sloyd Knives, flexible carving knives, whittling kits, hook knives, chisels, and other tools.