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Santoku knife vs Bunka knife

Santoku vs Bunka: How Do Their Blades Differ?

If you’ve ever heard of a Bunka before, then there’s no surprise that the existence of Santoku will not come as much shock to you. These Japanese knife types share many similarities, but it’s also important to know what separates them so you can make an informed decision about which

Nakiri vs Bunka vegetable knives

Nakiri vs Bunka: Which Is Better for Cutting Vegetables?

Many professional chefs prefer Japanese Knives, and the reason for the intense interest is because they are reliable kitchen tools. If you have a Japanese-style knife like the Nakiri or Bunka knife in your kitchen, you have a reliable blade to seamlessly get through your kitchen tasks. Choosing either of

14 Most Popular Japanese Knife Types and Their Uses

14 Popular Japanese Knife Types and Their Uses

As a knife collector, I’ve always been fascinated by knives from different cultures. Japanese blades are no exception to the rule. In fact, I’ve found that Japanese knives are some of the sturdiest and high-quality knives you can find. Japanese kitchen knives are ideal for precision cutting. They often feature