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Best Drywall Knife for Home Improvement or Construction

The drywall knife is designed to cut your build time in half, making it a worthy investment for anyone serious about home improvement or construction.

This blade is a vital tool that can seamlessly cut through drywall and slice through surface leads with no trouble whatsoever.

My Top 3 Drywall Knives

7 Best Drywall Knives Reviewed

Below, I’ll go over some of my favorite drywall knives currently available. With any of these 7 superb knives, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more efficient and effective home renovator.

7 Best Drywall Knives

Without further ado, here are the 7 best drywall knives on the market today.

1. Fiskars 770060-1001 Pro Drywaller's Utility Knife

Fiskars 770060-1001 Pro Drywaller's Utility Knife, Orange/Black

This utility knife is perfect for cleanly cutting through drywall with no trouble at all. The blade is a 2-in-1 tool with a standard blade and powerful jab saw that punches through drywall for electrical boxes and much more.

The end features reinforced metal to simply knock out drywall pieces and to finish sinking screws and nails. With a simple fold-out blade, you’ll be able to use the sawing blade only when you absolutely need it.

The drywall knife comes at an excellent value for the price. Best of all, the blade is rubberized and fixed with an ergonomic curve so you’ll be able to use it for hours on end without becoming fatigued. I was impressed by the functionality of this blade for the price. Overall, this is an excellent utility knife with built-in drywall specific features.


  • Durable drywall blade made to last for long term use
  • 2-in-1 tool with a standard blade and jab saw made to punch through drywall
  • Fixed with an ergonomic grip to prevent fatigue
  • Impressive functionality for the price


  • Extra features may be unnecessary for simple home improvement jobs
from Amazon

2. FC Folding Heavy Duty Utility Knife

FC Folding Heavy Duty Utility Knife - Pocket Box Cutter with Holster, Quick Change Blades, Razor Sharp, Lockback Design, Lightweight Aluminum Body & Wood Trim

This heavy-duty utility knife is made for a variety of home improvement jobs and works well with drywall. The drywall knife has a durable lightweight aluminum body that is bound to last for years to come. With your purchase, you’ll get 10 replacement blades and a knife holder so that you can get straight to work.

The blade is made out of heavy-duty carbon steel that stays razor-sharp for longer. Your purchase includes a limited lifetime warranty, so you’ll be able to get a refund or replacement should you have any qualms with your purchase. It’s hard to beat this utility knife for the price. I was impressed by the efficiency of this blade and its super-sharp construction. You’re bound to be impressed with this affordable yet effective drywall knife too.


  • 10 included replacement blades
  • Durable lightweight aluminum body that’s made to last
  • Cuts through drywall easily
  • Included holster


  • No included drywall saw
from Amazon

3. Drywall Knife Fix Blade

Drywall Knife Fix Blade 01-AAT

If you want a super useful piece without other added features, this is an excellent, simplified drywall knife blade. The super sharp blade is simple yet effective, with its single blade capacity. This blade is small yet mighty— despite its size, the razor-sharp blade cuts through drywall with ease.

Plus, with the blade’s compact size, it’s easy to stick in your toolbox or bag for use at home or on a remote project. Overall, I was impressed with the affordable price and ease of use with this simple drywall knife.


  • Simple yet efficient blade
  • Compact size makes it easy to transport from job to job
  • Razor-sharp construction
  • Perfect for small, precise drywall cuts


  • May not be suitable for more intensive drywall work
$14.99 from Amazon

4. Grabber All-Metal Fixed-Blade Utility Drywall Knife

Grabber All-Metal Fixed-Blade Utility Drywall Knife - Easy Change Blade, Non-Retractable (Single)

For a utility knife that will cut through drywall with ease, this is a great pick. This simple knife is fixed with a single razor-sharp blade that is built to make precise, straight cuts. Since it’s a fixed blade, you won’t have to worry about the blade falling out or bending as you cut. The bright yellow handle makes this drywall knife super easy to find even in a crowded toolbox.

With a quick change thumb screw, you’re able to seamlessly change blades with no trouble. Overall, this drywall utility knife is great for a wide variety of tasks, including cutting threw drywall.


  • Efficient fixed utility blade
  • Cuts through drywall with ease
  • Able to make precise, straight cuts
  • Easily replaced blades


  • Single straight blade may only be well suited for small detailed drywall cuts
$9.97 from Amazon

5. IRWIN Utility Knife for Drywall

IRWIN Utility Knife for Drywall, Fixed (1774103)

This all-purpose utility knife is made specifically for cutting through drywall with ease. The blade is specially curved to reduce fatigue while in use. You can easily replace the blade with the embedded thumb screw allowing you to use this drywall knife for years to come.

Overall, I liked using this drywall knife for cutting through flooring, wire, and anything in between. You’re bound to get plenty of use out of this excellent versatile utility knife.


  • Sturdy multipurpose knife that can be used for many construction jobs large and small
  • Fixed blade for sturdy, precise cuts
  • Versatile drywall knife
  • Affordable cost


  • Single blade may not be well-suited for more advanced construction jobs
$11.69 from Amazon

6. Stanley 10-209 5-1/2-Inch 199 Fixed Blade Utility Knife

Stanley 10-209 5-1/2-Inch 199 Fixed Blade Utility Knife

This fixed utility knife is perfect for any construction job. The fixed blade makes it easy to cut drywall, wire, or flooring with ease. With your purchase, you’ll get 3 replacement blades so that you can use this utility knife for years to come. Stanley also offers a limited lifetime warranty should you have any qualms with this drywall knife.

Overall, I loved the simplicity and utility of these drywall blades. The blades come at a great price and offer dependable, precise cuts, for any construction job.


  • Fixed blade for straight, precise cuts
  • Includes 3 replacement blades
  • Embedded lifetime warranty
  • Affordable price for a dependable, sturdy drywall knife


  • Simple blade may not be the best for more complex construction jobs
$8.11 from Amazon

7. IVY Classic 11154 Hinge-Loc Fixed Utility Knife

IVY Classic 11154 Hinge-Loc Fixed Utility Knife, 1/Card

For a fixed utility knife you can depend on, this is an excellent pick by IVY Classic. It doubles as a drywall knife with its razor-sharp straight edge blade. This versatile blade can also cut through roofing materials, linoleum, carpet, and vinyl. The blade fits any .025 blade for simple, easy replacement. The drywall knife is made out of sturdy metal aluminum making it a durable tool that’s made to last.

Overall, I was highly impressed by this blade’s value for the price. The blade is very easy to use and effective for precise, sturdy straight cuts.


  • Razor-sharp straight-edged blade
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Versatile blade is compatible with a variety of construction jobs
  • Sturdy metal aluminum construction


  • No embed saw to easily cut through drywall
$8.14 from Amazon

What is a Drywall Knife?

It is important to explain exactly what a drywall blade does. Drywall knives are designed to cut through drywall, which is a central layer to the interior of walls.

What is a Drywall Knife?

While drywall knives work well for this purpose alone, their typical sharp, precise straight blades lend themselves to a wide variety of tasks. For construction workers and those interested in home improvement though, it’s imperative that drywall knives are super sharp and easy to use.

You’ll find that a drywall knife will work well as an essential part of your construction tool kit.

How to Care for Your Drywall Knife

Now that you’ve found the perfect drywall knife, it’s imperative that you know how to properly care for it. Here are a couple of careful factors to take into consideration for protecting your purchase.


Cleaning your knife regularly will ensure your knife is as efficient as possible. To clean your drywall knife, use warm water and mild soap to wipe away any leftover drywall or construction debris. Be sure to do so using cutproof gloves to prevent injury. Also, make sure you dry your blade immediately. Many of these drywall knives are made out of stainless steel, making them subject to rust if they aren’t properly dried.

How to Care for Your Drywall Knife?


Any blade needs to be sharpened on a regular basis to function properly, and drywall knives are no exception. However, some utility drywall knives come with replacement blades. As your knife dulls, be sure to safely replace your blade to stay efficient while working.


Like any blade, drywall knives should be stowed away properly to avoid accidents or injury. This will also ensure your blade stays in tip-top shape for dependable, long term use. Make sure you pick out a high-quality toolbox, utility knife sheath, or holster— to ensure your knife is adequately protected when not in use.

The Best Drywall Knife Can Make Any Construction Job More Efficient

The Best Drywall Knife Can Make Any Construction Job More Efficient

Drywall knives are an essential part of any serious construction toolkit. Any of these razor-sharp blades will serve you well with their versatile, durable design. With their straight-edged construction, drywall knives will make it easy for you to make precise cuts regardless of your experience level. Enjoy using any of these high-quality drywall knives to improve your home or professional.

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