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Best Kiridashi Knife for 2024

As an adventure enthusiast, I love collecting outdoor and utility knives for use while hunting, hiking, or camping. One of my favorite parts of my collection happens to be my bold Kiridashi knife.

My Top 3 Kiridashi Knives

Best Kiridashi Knife Picks

These beautiful utility blades come from Japan and serve as essential all-purpose tools for everyday outdoor use and woodworking. Moreover, their rich history alone makes them a great knife to have as a part of your collection. You’ll love the knife’s chic minimalistic design combined with effective usage for a variety of tasks.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the best Kiridashi knives available on the market today. We’ll also discuss some of the most effective ways to take care of your new Kiridashi blade from the comfort of your home.

Top 6 Kiridashi Knives for 2024

Without further ado, here are the best Kiridashi knives of 2024.

1. KAKURI Japanese Kiridashi Carving Knife

KAKURI Japanese Kiridashi Carving Knife

This knife is absolutely stunning with its metal forged design. The authentic blade is made directly in Japan, adding to its obvious quality. The blade measures about 7-inches long and has an elegant, hammered look.

I love that this blade is made out of Japanese high carbon steel. Regardless of whether you plan to use this knife for its intended purpose or display, its sturdy construction is bound to stand the test of time.


  • Made in Japan
  • Beautiful hammered design
  • Made out of high-carbon steel
  • Perfect for woodworking or display purposes


  • Does not come with a storage sheath or container
$22.80 from Amazon

2. Kiridashi Knife Right Hand

Kiridashi Knife Right Hand

This right hand Kiridashi knife is perfect for basic outdoor tasks and features a simple, beautiful design. The authentic Kiridashi knife is made in Japan using traditional techniques, ensuring a quality blade every time.

The knife measures about 7-inches long and comes with a convenient storage sheath to keep you and your blade properly safe. Plus, the sturdy blade is finished with a fortifying hammering technique, ensuring that this Kiridashi knife will serve you well for very long a while.


  • Comes with a convenient storage sheath
  • Made in Japan with traditional hammering techniques
  • Simple look
  • Study blade well-suited for regular use


  • Only suited for those with a dominant right hand
from Amazon

3. Yoshiharu Hamono Japanese Kiridashi

Yoshiharu Hamono Japanese Kiridashi

For a super compact blade at a great price, check out this Kiridashi utility blade. This handcrafted blade is made in Japan adding to its authenticity. The gold appearance of the blade is simply stunning, making it a great piece to add to your collection.

I love how this Kiridashi knife comes with a full-blown sheath for easy knife safety and storage. The sheath is also adorned with Japanese characters, making the entire blade as elegant as ever. Overall, this carbon steel blade with a brass handle and sheath comes at a great value for the price.


  • Made in Japan
  • Razor-sharp carbon blade
  • Comes with an included sheath
  • Sheath has a beautiful Japanese inscription
  • Unique brass appearance


  • May be less sturdy than fully forged blades
$9.90 from Amazon

4. Right Hand Wood Carving Japanese Kiridashi Knife

Right Hand/Wood Carving Japanese Kiridashi Knife

For a brass blade with all of the functions of a traditional Kiridashi knife, this blade is the perfect pick. The steel blade sits in a beautiful, polished brass casing making for an easy grip and simple storage solution.

You’re also given a fitting knife top, converting your knife into a functional sheath to protect the sharp, steel blade. This blade is made in Japan, making it super authentic. It is best suited for right-handed knife users.


  • Comes with an embedded sheath
  • Super sharp steel blade
  • Beautiful brass casing
  • Made in Japan


  • Only suited for right-hand use based on the direction of the blade
$7.80 from Amazon

5. Right Hand Japanese Kiridashi Craft Pocket Knife

Right Hand/Japanese Kiridashi Craft Pocket Knife

This Kiridashi knife has a unique, rustic appearance with its classic wooden handle. The round base is super easy to grip, making this a great Kiridashi blade for beginners or knife owners who want a bit more control while using their blades.

The knife is made out of steel, keeping the blade extremely sharp and useful for everyday outdoor tasks. This Kiridashi pocket knife is also made in Japan, adding to its authentic nature.


  • Unique rustic appearance with the wooden handle
  • Super sharp steel blade
  • Made in Japan
  • Super easy to grip with round handle


  • Round-handle may make it more difficult to angle your blade
from Amazon

6. Left Hand / Japanese/Kiridashi Craft Pocket Knife

Left Hand / Japanese/Kiridashi Craft Pocket Knife

If you have a dominant left-hand, you can still use this excellent Kiridashi knife. The beautiful blade features a forged brass handle, giving it a unique, sleek appearance.

Plus, this knife comes with a brass topper that gives the knife a built-in sheath for when it is not in use. The handle is engraved with Japanese characters, adding to its display quality. You won’t be disappointed with this left-handed blade made in Japan.


  • Crafted in Japan
  • Beautiful brass handle
  • Comes with embedded sheath
  • Engraved Japanese markings


  • Only suitable for users with dominant left hands
$7.00 from Amazon

What Does Kiridashi Mean?

Kiridashi blades have a rich, Japanese history which can often be identified by virtue of the blade’s unique name. As it turns out, “Kiridashi” translates to “carve-out” or “pointed knife” in Japanese. The beautiful blade serves as Japan’s general wood carving and outdoor utility knife.

What does Kiridashi mean and how to find the best Kiridashi Knife?

It’s important to note that Kiridashi knife dimensions are also somewhat unique to the blade. The blade is extra-thin and razor-sharp, which allows it to stay flexible and strong at the same time. The blade is usually angled a certain way depending on your dominant hand. Make sure when you pick out a Kiridashi blade, you are purchasing one that aligns with the hand you intend to use it in.

What is a Kiridashi Knife Used for?

While a Kiridashi knife could be used for a myriad of specialized tasks, there are a couple of main uses to keep in mind.


What is a Kiridashi Knife used for?

Most traditionally, Kiridashi blades are used as wood carving tools. The blade’s thin flexible design makes it very easy to slowly chip away unnecessary excess bark and wood from a branch or tree.

Wood Marking

This knife is also used to properly mark other projects without going too deep into the surface of the wood.

Utility Knife

The Kiridashi blade also serves as a valuable all-purpose knife used for a variety of outdoor tasks. Its thin, refined blade makes the blade well-suited towards precision-based tasks.

Display Knives

These knives have a unique, simplistic look to them, making them perfect for adding to a knife collection. Plus, many of the Kiridashi knives featured in this article also have an inscribed Japanese-character handle, making them stand out amongst other utility blades.

How to Care for Your Kiridashi Knives

Since these are unique blades, they require a unique care routine to ensure that your blade stays in tip-top shape for years to come. Here are a couple of factors to keep in mind while caring for your new Kiridashi blade.

Thin Blades

Kiridashi knives have characteristically super-thin blades. While this is excellent for small, precise cutting tasks, this can also make the blades more susceptible to breakage or busting. Therefore, it is important that you use these blades in conjunction with other knives for larger cutting jobs. Think of Kiridashi knives as finishing knives rather than knives used for making large cuts like a saw.

Blade Sharpening

Any blade needs to be properly sharpened to ensure that it is working at maximum capacity. For the best results, use a utility knife sharpener that’s well suited for steel. Always make sure to practice basic knife safety while sharpening your Kiridashi blade.

Knife Cleaning

To clean your blade, make sure you use mild soap and warm water. Be sure you fully dry your blade before properly storing it to prevent rust build-up.

Storing Knife Blades

How to care for your Kiridashi Knives?

Kiridashi blades are unique in that oftentimes the blade and the handle are not separated by a bevel. Rather, they are continuous. While this is very sleek, it makes proper knife storage that much more important. Make sure you have a proper sheath for your Kiridashi knife for when your blade is not in use.

Proper Use

Kiridashi blades need to be used properly to be effective. Research online before handling the knife, just to make sure that you’re familiar with the proper way to use these unique blades. At the very least, never use the Kiridashi blade in the incorrect hand.

These blades are angled specifically for left or right-hand use, so failing to comply with these parameters could pose a serious safety risk.

The Unique Beauty of the Best Kiridashi Knife Blades

There’s something truly special about Kiridashi knives. These blades possess a unique history and look that is unlike any other knife. Plus, their compact yet sharp nature makes them excellent everyday outdoor knives, making them a valuable part of your existing collection.

You’re sure to be more than satisfied with finding the best Kiridashi knife among these these 6 superb Kiridashi knife picks. Enjoy using your Japanese utility knife for outdoor adventures, or as a valuable addition to your prized knife collection.

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