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Best Kukri Knives Reviewed: What Makes The Kukri Blade Unique?

There are few knives with a richer history than the bold Kukri machete. This essential outdoorsman’s blade, originally used as a traditional weapon in Nepal, is known for its distinctly curved blade. The knife also works as a great all-purpose cutting tool, making it a staple for serious adventurers.

My Top 3 Kukri Knives

Best Kukri Knives Reviewed

Personally, I value having a Kukri as part of my collection as it is extremely useful and has a unique look to it, making it great for display when not in use.

8 Best Kukri Knives

In this article, I’ll delve into some of the best Kukri knives available on the market today, so that you can find the perfect blade for your needs. Make sure to stay tuned for the helpful buying guide as well, to ensure your new machete is kept in tip-top shape.

1. EGKH Traditional Camouflage Waterproof Sheath AEFO Kukri

EGKH - 24 inches Sirupate khukuri - Traditional kukri - kukri Sword - Large khukuri - Handmade by EGKH Khukuri House Nepal

I adore these traditional handmade blades by EGKH and you will too. The forged blade is fashioned with a rustic wooden handle, making this knife a great tool to put on display when not in use.

Notably, this knife comes with a waterproof sheath, allowing you to keep your blade in tip-top shape in the most extreme outdoor conditions. The curved blade runs 11 inches long, making it long enough to carry out typical Kukri tasks like clearing out campsites or tall grasses, for example. Overall, this is a beautiful blade for the price that you’re sure to enjoy for years to come.


  • Forged traditional Kukri knives
  • Long, curved blades
  • Includes a sheath
  • Classic wooden handles curved slightly for comfort


  • May not be best for everyday use with unique blade design
$239.00 from Amazon

2. Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri Machete

Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri Machete

This Kukri blade runs extra-long at 19.7 inches, making it perfect for traversing thick forests and lush landscapes. The knife is designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic with its slotted blade, allowing you to cut through surfaces efficiently without unnecessary friction.

Notably, this knife comes with a polyester sheath with a removable shoulder pouch, shoulder strap, leg strap, and belt loop, allowing you to secure your Kukri machete in a number of ways. The coated blade is super dependable and feels extremely sturdy, weighing in at 1lb and 6.6 ounces.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be given a care kit with a sharpening stone and Ferro rod, so your knife is sure to last years to come with the proper care routine.


  • Extra-long blade
  • Included sharpening stone
  • Wide variety of included storage options
  • Sleek, black design


  • Less ornate than traditional Kukri knives
  • Heavy-weighted blade may be difficult to transport
$47.25 from Amazon

3. KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri

This classic Kukri blade comes in a sleek black color and is ideal for chopping weeds or clearing a campsite. The carbon-infused steel design is ultra sturdy, so you can depend on the function of the blade even in extreme outdoor conditions.

I love how this blade comes with a custom sheath, making it particularly easy to store. The machete also has an embedded lanyard hole for easy storage. Overall, I found this knife to be super dependable for basic outdoor tasks, making it a preferred blade for camping or backpacking.


  • Well-made blade
  • Easy to store with the included sheath
  • Embedded lanyard hole
  • Perfect for clearing forests and grass


  • Heavier construction weighing in at 1.7 pounds
$62.84 from Amazon

4. Ontario 6420 OKC Kukri Knife

Ontario 6420 OKC Kukri Knife

Ontario offers an impressive Kukri knife with an extensive 12-inch blade. With your purchase, you’re given a custom sheath and lanyard for easy knife storage while on the go. The non-reflective blade finish makes this machete perfect for use on sunny days or while protecting your cover while hunting.

I love how the handle is equipped with ribbed grips making it perfect for regular use. Overall, this knife is a great value for the price that will get your outdoor tasks completed with no trouble at all.


  • Sturdy construction
  • 12-inch lengthy blades
  • Non-reflective blade
  • Ribbed handle for easy-grip


  • Some users found the included sheath to be somewhat clunky
from Amazon

5. Magnum 01MB511 Pocket Kukri Knife

Magnum 01MB511 Pocket Kukri Knife

For a more compact solution, check out this pocket Kukri knife by Magnum. The foldable blade combines sheer power with the convenience of your average pocket knife, making this a no-fuss blade perfect for outdoor use. Moreover, the blade has an included limited lifetime warranty allowing you to get some of your money back should you have any qualms with your purchase.

You won’t have to worry about the knife opening at random times with its embedded liner lock mechanism. This blade features a lanyard hole as well for easy storage. Measuring in about 10-inches long when extended, this knife gets the job done without being overbearing.


  • Foldable blade for easy storage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Embedded lanyard holes
  • Manufactured in Germany


  • The shorter blade may make some tasks more difficult
$33.19 from Amazon

6. Schrade SCHF9 12.1in High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF9 12.1in High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife

If you’re looking for a Kukri inspired blade that doesn’t differ all that much from a standard all-purpose knife, this fixed blade by Schrade may be exactly what you’re looking for. The dependable knife is made out of ultra-durable stainless steel, and a lanyard hole making it ideal for everyday carrying.

The full-tang knife is properly balanced, which is difficult to find, especially with Kukri inspired knives. Best of all, you get an included sheath with this knife, so you’ll be able to protect your purchase for years to come.


  • Full-tang blade
  • Made out of durable stainless steel
  • Included sheath and lanyard hole
  • Textured, easy-grip handle


  • Not in the traditional style of a Kukri knife
  • Small size may be limiting depending on the circumstances
$44.10 from Amazon

7. CRKT Buku Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT Buku Folding Pocket Knife

This pocket knife takes deep inspiration from the Kukri blade with its sharply curved design. The blade is equipped with a stonewash stainless steel handle and folds down with a secure locking mechanism keeping you and the knife safe even while in use. However, the machete is still ready to snap into use at a moment’s notice with its integrated IKBS Ball Bearing Pivot System.

I love that this knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which makes your purchase that much more secure. You’re sure to love these compact, yet powerful pocket knives designed in the USA.


  • Compact design
  • Foldable blade with secure locking system
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Deeply curved inspired by traditional Kukri knives


  • The smaller size may make some outdoor jobs more difficult
from Amazon

8. Schrade SCHF26 10.8in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF26 10.8in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

This sleek multipurpose knife has its tipped point modeled after traditional Kukri knives making it ultra sharp. The black blade is made out of carbon-infused steel and is super dependable for your most difficult outdoor experiences.

I love how this knife is full-tang, making the blade super well balanced and easy to grip. Notably, this fixed blade is pretty affordable as well, so it’s a great Kukri blade for beginners. The rubberized handle makes the blade easy to grip, ensuring that it won’t slip while in use.


  • Durable construction
  • Sleek black appearance
  • Affordable blade
  • Carbon-infused steel
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Not a traditional Kukri knife
  • Best suited for smaller jobs
from Amazon

What Makes a Kukri Knife Different?

So, what sets these special blades apart? Here are a number of factors that make Kukri knives different from other traditional knives.

What makes the Kukri knife different?

Curved Blade

Unlike most multi-purpose blades, the Kukri knife has a sharp, indented curve to its construction giving it its signature appearance. The knife is made to easily whack away tall grasses or clear campsites without too much hassle.


You’ll find that most Kukri knives are much heavier than traditional multi-purpose or outdoor knives. This is because the knives, which were originally created as a weapon, are built for sheer power with limited strokes.

You’ll want to make sure you set aside a proper amount of space in your bag for your blade since Kukri blades are typically longer than most knives. However, if this isn’t an option, you can opt for a Kukri-inspired foldable blade that will still deliver on the Kukri’s known sharpness, but take up half the space.

Intended Purpose

There are few knives that can compete with the Kukri’s seamless ability to whack through tall grasses. If you’re looking for a knife to properly clear a campsite, you can’t get much better than a traditional Kukri blade.

Fighting Blade

These blades were initially made as weapons, unlike most outdoor knives. Their rich Nepal history dating back to the 7th century makes them an excellent piece to add to any knife collection.

Ultra-Sharp Tip

The Kukri knife is very sharp with its pointed edge. While the knife itself is largely thin, these blades are still pretty hefty in construction, which adds to the overall power of the blade. Be sure to be extra careful while handling the blade of your Kukri knife to prevent injuries.

When Was the Kukri Knife Invented?

If you’re getting this blade as a historic piece to add to your collection, it’s best that you brush up on your Kukri knife history. While the exact date is difficult to pinpoint, most experts agree that this knife was created sometime in the 7th century.

When was the Kukri knife invented?

As the national knife of Nepal, this blade was heavily tied to Gurkha soldiers, as a way to distinguish themselves in battle. The first documented Kukri blade appears in British papers set in 1814.

Nowadays, the legacy of the Kukri knife is very much alive with its common pop culture appearances in video games like Resident Evil and is passed on from ancient battle stories.

Is a Kukri Knife a Good Weapon?

As the national blade of Nepal, there’s no doubt that Kukri knives make excellent weapons. These heavyset blades elicit intense power that is difficult to match with other swords. The ultra-curved blade allows for unique knife strokes as well. Lastly, Kukri blades are famous for their sharpness.

The fixed point combined with the heavy-duty nature of the knife makes these blades a true force to reckon with. While you may not see Kukri blades in battle as much in modern times, they certainly remain excellent pieces of battle gear.

Factors to Consider When Picking Out Your Blade

Are you still having trouble figuring out which Kukri blade is the best for your needs? Consider these factors to get you the best Kukri blade for your next adventure.

Overall Design

You’ll want to consider what your intended purpose is for your Kukri blade before purchasing your new knife, as the overall design is likely to differ from model to model.

For example, those who desire a Kukri knife for strictly display or collector’s purposes are likely to want the inclusion of the traditional Chakmak and Kadra, along with a characteristically super curved blade.

While this particular knife is perfect for communicating the rich history of the blade, it may not be as practical for everyday use. For field users of the Kukri knife, a lightweight design, potentially foldable construction, and included carrying holsters may outweigh the value of traditional Kukri authenticity.


Kukri knives are notorious for being super heavy sets. While this may not matter as much for display purposes, you may want to consider modified Kukri blades if you plan on using them on a regular basis.

At the same time, a heavy blade could be just what you need to properly clear a ragged campsite. It all depends on what you’re looking for, but do note that these blades are both longer and heavier than the average outdoor knife.

Factors to consider when picking up the right Kukri knife blade


While some Kukri blades come in traditional stainless steel, you’ll often find that many of these modern blades are made out of carbon-steel alloys that usually are coated in some way. Usually, the knife blends are made in the style of a single color, so make sure you pay attention to your potential buy, especially if you’re purchasing a knife for historical or collector reasons.

Included Storage Options

Since these blades have such a distinct shape, you’ll want to look out for Kukri knives that come with some sort of included blade sheath. Not only will this protect the knife itself, but it will protect you from the ultra-sharp characteristic construction of the Kukri knife when not in use.

Moreover, a number of above knife options included some sort of lanyard hole or compatible belt holster for the respective Kukri blade. As you’ll find, a blade this heavy is difficult to carry around on a day-to-day basis, so added holders such as these truly make a difference.

If you are getting a Kukri knife for display purposes, consider investing in a decorative display. This will ensure your knife is kept fingerprint-free, plus it’ll make the knife look even more impressive in your home. Just make sure you’re assessing length accordingly. These knives are particularly long, so you may need to find a customized stand for your needs.


Like any blade, the tang is a factor to take into consideration. Getting a Kukri knife with full tang means that the blade is likely to feel more balanced in your hand which makes this an excellent value to prioritize if you plan to use these blades on a regular basis.

Needed Accessories

Remember that you will need to purchase a sharpening stone if you don’t have one already and potentially a storage solution for your knife. You should also regularly oil your Kukri blade, which can also be another unexpected expense if you don’t plan properly.

Buying your knife’s needed accessories proactively will ensure that your blade is kept in tip-top shape for years to come, saving you valuable time and energy in the future.

Handle Design

If you’re using your Kukri blade frequently, make sure to invest in a blade with a rubberized handle. Since the blades are heavier than other knives, they may be more susceptible to dropping, so it’s best that you find a Kukri blade with an ergonomic handle to keep you properly safe and preserve your knife for future use.

Some handles come embedded with a lanyard hole or waist holster attachment which can easily add to their value for the right user. Regardless, trust your own grip. Whatever is the most comfortable for you is the way to go.

How to Care for Your Kukri Knife

Just like any other blade, the long term quality of your newly purchased Kukri knife depends largely on how you treat it. Here are a couple of guided tips to ensure you keep your blade in mint condition for years to come.

Proper Oiling

Since your Kukri knife is most likely made out of a steel-carbon alloy, it’s important that you regularly oil your blade. Use a light film of knife or motor oil to rehydrate the blade at least once a month, preferably after every time of use. This will help prevent rusting and keep your blade in excellent condition.

If you have a carved or serrated section of your Kukri knife, use some knife oil and toothbrush to gently scrape off any remaining particles.

In the event that rust develops, you can use a thin cloth, oil of your choice, and thin cut of sandpaper to help remove the rust. For best results, store your blade in a cool, dry area at all times to keep your blade in tip-top shape.

Best Displaying Practices

Before you put your Kukri knife up for display, ensure that it has been properly dried and oiled. Try to find an area that isn’t exposed to direct harsh light, as too much sun can alter blades negatively over time. Most importantly, keep the blade away from any and all moisture.

Kukri knives are also made commonly with steel alloys, which are easy to stain with fingerprints. Handle your knife with a soft glove or work gloves to prevent pesky prints from ruining your display.

Using Your Kukri Knife Properly

Like any blade, using a Kukri knife properly takes time and effort. Before receiving your new blade, read up online for the best Kukri practices. You’ll even find a number of Youtube videos walking you through caring for Kukri knife care for a more interactive experience.

As a quick disclaimer, make sure that your Kukri knife is never thrown. This can severely damage the heavy blades, not to mention it is not the intended purpose of the blade itself.

Also, make sure you account for your Kukri knife’s uniquely curved blade while removing the knife in and out of its sheath. Since the blade has such an intense curve, you’ll have to be extra careful to keep yourself safe.

What Are the Kadra & Chakmak?

Sometimes, you’ll see a Kukri knife set come with two tiny knives. These knives are called “Kadra”, used as a miniature knife for smaller jobs and the “Chakmak”, used as a specially atoned Kukri knife sharpener.

What are the Kadra & Chakmak?

While these knives are particularly useful if you’re looking for a more traditional Kukri knife set for display purposes, don’t sweat if they aren’t included with your desired knife. A traditional sharpening stone will work just fine for upkeeping your blade.

If you do have access to these knives, however, proceed with caution. Sharpening with these tools, although effective, can be dangerous for the inexperienced user. Educate yourself using free tutorials online before attempting to sharpen with the Chakmak.

Kukri Knives Make Unique, Excellent Outdoor Knives

Whether you’re getting a Kukri knife as a collector’s blade or as an excellent addition to your outdoorsman kit, these blades make perfect knives for any user. Don’t be discouraged if the first Kukri knife you purchase doesn’t end up being the blade of your dreams. These blades come in a wide variety for a reason, so you’re bound to find a knife made for you soon.

With a unique combination of historical background, striking design, and sheer power, Kukri knives are a great investment for any knife collection.

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