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Best Obsidian Knife For 2023

As someone who travels often, I’m always looking for new ways to infuse my experiences into my home. To me, your house is not only a reflection of your personal sense of style but also says a lot about you in general. So when I came across the sleek, rustic glory of hand-crafted obsidian knives, I was smitten.  

To my surprise, these knives are so sharp they are sometimes used in surgical procedures. However, these beautiful knives are nothing new; Obsidian is one of the oldest materials used as early as the Stone Age for arrowheads and other handheld tools.

The Best Obsidian Knife Reviewed

In this article, we’ll delve into some of my favorite obsidian knives, learn more about their specialized perks, and explain how you can find the best obsidian knife to add to your collection.

Top 4 Obsidian Knives

Without further ado, here are my favorite obsidian knives out on the market.

1. Obsidian Carved Knife

obsidian knife

This sleek, handmade knife by SpiritMedicines is as authentic as they come: The knives are handcrafted by Etsy creator Xochi Quetzalli using traditional methods from ancient Mexico. The knife is about 6 inches long and features an ornate carving on its handle.

I particularly love the embedded carvings on this knife; you can tell by holding it that a lot of care went into its construction.


  • Every knife is handmade, giving it a personal touch
  • The seller offers free included shipping
  • Each purchase is gift wrapped, making it a great gift idea
  • Obsidian tint varies from knife to knife, ensuring that your piece is truly unique


  • Size may vary due to handmade nature
  • Limited inventory selection since this knife is sourced from a small seller

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2. Classic Obsidian Knife

This obsidian knife by LITABEADS is beautifully polished and has an extra-long blade length at 7-7.5 inches. I loved the customer service of this seller, and each knife is handmade to order.

The knife is completely flat on one side of the blade making it ideal for display. While there are no embedded carvings on this knife, the smooth, chic appearance of the jet-black obsidian speaks for itself.


  • Free shipping with every order
  • Great customer service
  • Longer than average blade length
  • Handmade touch


  • Less ornate than other decorative knife options
  • Exact measurements are unpredictable

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3.  Dark Burns Green Obsidian Blade

I definitely got an ancestral feel just by holding this classic blade. This stunning obsidian knife runs about 10 inches long and is complete with a classic sagebrush handle with imitation sinew, which is great if you’re avoiding animal products but desire an authentic appearance.

Each knife by Etsy seller givingnatureanewlook is made to order, so you’re guaranteed a unique piece. 


  • Naturally textured feel to the obsidian blade
  • Rustic included handle
  • Handmade to order


  • Longer than average blade may be more difficult to display
  • Blade shape varies from knife to knife due to handmade nature

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4. Black Obsidian Stone Knife

I found this knife to be pretty aesthetically pleasing and very proportionate. This sleek, smooth dagger runs to be about 9 inches long and is handmade by Etsy seller NewMoonBeginnings.

I love that it is flat on the backside making it really easy to display in my home. The consistent dark black color of this knife makes it the perfect addition for any style setting.


  • Smooth blade with an easy-to-grip handle
  • Flattened back is ideal for display
  • Optional gift wrapping
  • Consistent color and texture
  • Handmade


  • Flattened back also makes for a less authentic feel
  • The knife is long and narrow, making it somewhat more delicate

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Is an Obsidian Knife Right for You?

Obsidian knives are certainly unique, but what specifically makes them a good fit for you and your home? Here is a handy list of general pros and cons to aid you in your decision.

Pros of Obsidian Knives

  • Sleek, black appearance fits in a bevy of style environments
  • Obsidian is considerably sharper than other traditional materials
  • These knives are typically super sturdy despite their characteristically fine edges
  • They make unique decorative pieces that have a rich history

Cons of Obsidian Knives

  • Unlike traditional knives, they aren’t as efficient at chopping, more suited to cut finely
  • Handmade nature often produces small imperfections in the blade
  • It is very difficult to dye obsidian, making color options limited to the classic jet-black look

What makes Obsidian Knives so Sharp?

Should you decide to invest in an obsidian knife, it’s important that you’re aware of the rich history behind them. The rock was originally used for arrowheads and spears during the Stone Age, though the sharp legacy of obsidian continues to live on.

What makes these knives so sharp? Well, obsidian is in fact very similar to glass in terms of physical properties. Though it is ultra-fine and pointed when sharpened, it is also quite brittle.


For these reasons, obsidian knives are only used to cut small fruits and vegetables if at all. More often than not, they act as history-rich collectibles and serve as unique displays of style.

Obsidian Knife Care

Since obsidian has unique properties, it’s important to know how to care for your obsidian knife properly. Here are a couple of tips for keeping your obsidian knife in tip-top shape.

  1. Obsidian can be easily scratched, so try to keep your knife in a soft, plush case or sheath
  2. To clean your obsidian knife, use a cloth with mild soap and water. The knives are quite delicate, so it may be better to dilute the soap preemptively.
  3. When sharpening an obsidian knife, only use a handheld sharpening stone. This will ensure that you have more overall control of the piece, which is important when you’re dealing with something so delicate.
  4. Be careful! These knives are designed to be sharp. To be safe, handle your obsidian knife with cut-resistant gloves whenever in use.
sharp obsidian knife

The Beauty of Obsidian Knives

Obsidian knives certainly have a number of unique qualities making them a great conversation starter or display piece. These beautiful, sleek tools offer a pure black look and an impressive sharpness level difficult to find elsewhere. 

Obsidian knives are also fabled to have healing properties. Even today, many believe that their presence in one’s home comes with mystical energetic benefits. Whether or not you are interested in buying an obsidian knife for this reason, they are undeniably charming and, decorative, and will catch the eye of any guest who enters your home.

Hopefully, this handy guide gave you a sense of what to look out for when picking out the perfect knife for your collection. Enjoy adding one of these unique obsidian knives to your home and the aesthetic qualities they provide.

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