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5 Best Sloyd Knives for Wood Carving Reviewed for 2024

Wood carving, like many other hobbies, is one that becomes deeper and more in-depth as you increase the number of tools you have. At the same time, however, it’s sometimes best to have a single generalist tool that can handle everything you throw at it.

My Top 3 Sloyd Knives

5 Best Sloyd Knives for Wood Carving Reviewed

Here enters the Sloyd knife. This versatile blade, named partly after the Swedish word Slöjd, is a perfect starting point for beginners and an essential tool for the experienced woodworker. But like many tools, it can be tough to find one that is perfect.

The following five Sloyd Knives may not be perfect either, but they definitely come close.

Here are my top picks for best Sloyd knives.

1. Flexcut Sloyd Knife

Flexcut Sloyd Knife

The Flexcut‘s plainness makes it great for wood carving and whittling. It may not have too many outstanding features, but it also doesn’t have any outstanding negatives either. For the undecided or beginner woodworker, the Flexcut makes for the perfect tool.

As a plus, it’s made with high carbon steel with a cherry hardwood handle. The blade is only around 3-inch long, but it is a full tang. The one I bought came sharp right out of the box. Although it was smaller than I was hoping for, I found the Flexcut to be worth the purchase.


  • Comes sharp right out of the box
  • Made with strong and durable materials
  • Designed with a full tang blade


  • Smaller than you would expect
$49.98 from Amazon

2. Morakniv Wood Carving Knife

Morakniv Wood Carving Knife

Morakniv is well known for the quality of their knives. Their wood carving knife is no exception. The blade is made with strong laminated steel (the tip, however, is quite delicate).

The handle, likewise, is made with durable oiled birch wood. The result is a knife that is both great at fulfilling its purpose and also comfortable to hold. Unlike other similar knives, the Morakniv is great at holding an edge and even came sharp out of the box.

Sadly, the same praise cannot be given to the included sheath. But if you can ignore that, you have in your hands one of the best wood carving knives around.


  • One of the most comfortable knives to hold with an ergonomic handle
  • Is able to hold an edge quite well
  • Came sharp right out of the box


  • Included sheath is of poor quality and design
  • Tip of blade is delicate and can be easy to damage
from Amazon

3. Ramelson Sloyd Carving Knife

Ramelson Sloyd Carving Knife

Beginners new to wood carving have a difficult time getting started. The Ramelson Sloyd Carving Knife aims to even out this steep learning curve by being the perfect beginner’s knife.

This is a medium-sized knife that is made with strong materials. In spite of this, the metal is quite soft and is easy to damage. As such, this knife goes a long way in teaching the beginner how to properly handle the wood.

It does, however, have a difficult time holding an edge. For an experienced user, this may not be much of a problem. But if you’re a beginner, you will need to get used to constantly honing it to keep it sharp and usable.


  • Comes with a leather sheath that is safe to use
  • Its medium size makes it perfect for both big and small hands
  • Easy to sharpen and easy to use


  • Has a hard time holding an edge
  • Metal is soft and easy to ding and dent
$26.95 from Amazon

4. BeaverCraft Sloyd Knife

BeaverCraft Sloyd Knife

The BeaverCraft surprised me quite a bit. The knife as a whole seems average, but it’s quite good when you start looking at the different parts.

The blade is made with durable steel. The size of the blade is also of a decent cut. This allows the BeaverCraft to effortlessly glide through the wood for a perfect cut. Not only that, but the blade is also able to hold an edge for quite some time.

As for the handle, it’s actually quite comfortable despite its appearance. It’s made with hardwood oak and shaped into an ergonomic design.

All in all, the BeaverCraft is well worth the purpose.


  • Able to hold an edge for quite a while
  • Comfortable to hold for hours at a time
  • Blade is the perfect size for cutting through wood


  • Oak handle will discolor your hands after a while
  • Doesn’t come with a sheath
$12.95 from Amazon

5. BeaverCraft Deluxe Wood Carving Kit

BeaverCraft Woodcarving Kit

The BeaverCraft deluxe kit BeaverCraft knives is an excellent investment. This kit features nine razor sharp blades mounted on walnut handles. This kit is housed in a useful leather shoulder bag.

The high carbon blades include two Sloyd knives, a whittling knife, a chip carving knife, a detail knife, a gouge, two hooks, plus a draw knife with a sheath.

This complete set of knives will enable you to take on a wide range of tasks. You can figure carve, spoon carve or even carve fine decorative lines and patterns.


  • Includes nine knives
  • Made with quality wood handles and sharp steel
  • Practical leather shoulder bag


  • The blades are sharp out of the box but will need to be sharpened if used regularly for more heavy duty carving
$219.99 from Amazon

A Quick Sloyd Knife Buying Guide

Knife buying is hard. Even in the case of the Sloyd, there are many different brands all competing for your hard-earned money.

For someone in the market for one, however, all of these choices can be difficult to traverse. Still, once you have an idea of what to look for, the complexity becomes much more manageable.


Price, for instance, is easy to see at a glance. At the same time, it’s all too easy to become focused on it. This is a mistake as the price can only tell you so much about the quality of a knife.

When it comes to quality knife buying, having an idea of the entire picture is much more important than understanding specifics.


That isn’t to say that you should ignore specifics, however. The quality of the material that a knife is made of, for instance, can easily change a knife from good to bad in an instant.

But beyond the knife itself, there is something else that can change the value of a knife: you.


A sloyd knife that you find comfortable is irreplaceable. This goes beyond physical comfort too, although that is also important. A knife that you love to take out and use is well worth dealing with whatever flaws it may have. When you love a knife, you may even forget about the flaws altogether.

What Is A Sloyd Knife Used For?

Like I mentioned earlier, the word Sloyd is derived after the Swedish word Slöjd, a word meaning handiwork or crafts. More importantly, the word itself usually refers to a handicraft-based educational system developed in Sweden in the 1870s. The Sloyd knife became the supreme knife that all skills taught in the Sloyd system are built upon.

And for good reason too. The Sloyd knife is a versatile tool that can be used in many different wood carving situations.

How Does A Sloyd Differ From Other Carving Knives?

How Do Sloyd Knives Differ From Other Carving Knives?

Its great versatility may give you the impression that a Sloyd knife has no real purpose, but you would be wrong. When it comes to wood carving, the Sloyd is extremely great at rough cutting. Although it may not seem like much, this small advantage can easily change the course of a project.

Likewise, the versatility of the Sloyd doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be better off with more niche knives either. A whittler’s knife, for instance, is the better tool to use when it comes to whittling.

How Do You Use A Sloyd Knife?

The Sloyd is a knife that is difficult to use wrong. Most blades today, for instance, are designed with the beginner in mind. Honestly, as long as you hold the knife the right way, it’s very hard to go about using a Sloyd knife the wrong way.

Wood Carving With The Sloyd Knives Around

Sloyd knives are useful wood tools to have in your arsenal. No matter what project you have on hand, there’s a Sloyd knife out there that will help make your dream woodcraft a reality.

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