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6 Best Scottish Dirk Knives for 2023

The Scottish Dirk is a long thrusting dagger with a rich military history. This blade was originally used by naval officers in hand-to-hand combat during the Age of Sail. The Dirk knife was later adopted by the Scottish Highland Regiments and then serious knife collectors as a treasured decorative knife.

My Top 3 Dirk Knives

6 Best Scottish Dirk Knives Reviewed

A dirk is a long thrusting dagger that, historically, has been used as a personal weapon for officers engaged in naval hand-to-hand combat during the Age of Sail. The Scottish dirk knife, however, is more commonly known as a decorative knife used by the Scottish Highland regiments in the 1800’s.

And it’s because of this deep, rich history that knife collectors around the world give this wonderful weapon a place in their collection.

The Best Scottish Dirk Knife For 2023

Here are my top picks for best Scottish dirk knives for 2023.

1. M48 Highland Scottish Dirk

M48 Highland Scottish Dirk

The M48 Highland Scottish Dirk is a modern knife for the modern knife collector. It has a sleek, black look with a 9 ½” cast stainless steel blade. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The pommel and handguard are both equally designed with a focus on being tactical. In short, the M48 Scottish Dirk is a very practical and stunning knife.

The one I received, however, arrived with the tip bent. Yet apart from this, this dirk more than surprised me with its quality. Although somewhat pricey, at the end of the day, I found it more than worth it.


  • An amazing display piece with a place in any knife collection
  • Comes with a high-quality sheath
  • Has a sleek modern feel with a tactical feel


  • Tip of blade arrived misshapen and bent
  • Modern feel may be a negative for those looking for a traditional display piece
from Amazon

2. SZCO Supplies Damascus Dirk

SZCO Supplies Damascus Dirk

The SZCO Supplies Damascus Dirk is a display piece with a life of its own. It’s expertly crafted with a unique design. It isn’t a knife you would put to practical use, however, it is solid and well built.

It’s well-balanced and has a nice, hefty weight and feel to it. The handle is made of wood while the blade is made with strong Damascus steel. Overall, this is an extremely well-crafted blade fit for any knife collector’s collection.

The design of the knife itself, however, is where the somewhat high price becomes apparent. It’s beautiful to look at with a largely Damascus feel to it. This knife would make for the perfect finishing touch in any renaissance costume.


  • Solid, well-balanced with a nice weight behind it
  • Came sharp right of the box
  • Expertly crafted with high-quality materials


  • Strictly a display piece unfit for practical use
  • Might be a little too expensive for some
$42.19 from Amazon

3. The Regimental Scottish Dirk Dagger

The Regimental Scottish Dirk Dagger

The Regimental is closer to a short sword than a dirk. The looks, quality, and feel, however, make it more than worthwhile. The blade is beautifully etched with an intricate design. The handle is elegantly studded with metal while the pommel is fitted with an extravagant synthetic jewel.

Aside from the handle, the Regimental is made with powerful and high-quality materials. Strong Damascus steel mix with the beautiful etchings to create a stunning and one-of-a-kind display piece. Likewise, the included knife and fork set make for a perfect companion to this beautiful and elegant Scottish dirk.


  • Has an elegant look with a metal studded handle and a synthetic jewel
  • Comes with a miniature knife and fork set with a similar look
  • Blade is made with Damascus steel and beautifully etched


  • Handle is made with plastic
  • Blade draws form scabbard stiffly
from Amazon

4. Ace Martial Arts Supply Wicca Dirk

Ace Martial Arts Supply Wicca Dirk

The Ace Martial Arts Supply Wicca Dirk makes for a wonderful display piece. It has a beautifully well-crafted handle that is a joy to admire.

However, it isn’t very comfortable to hold. Likewise, the blade – although having a well-crafted and beautiful design – isn’t very sharp out of the box. In other words, the Ace Martial Arts Supply Wicca Dirk is strictly a display piece.

It’s made with somewhat quality materials – not the best, but not the worst either. For the low price, this is an acceptable trade-off as you gain a wonderful display piece in return. All-in-all, the Wicca Dirk makes for the perfect display piece for any knife collector.


  • Low cost and a budget-friendly price
  • Comes with a beautiful high quality sheath
  • Well-crafted and a perfect display piece


  • Handle on the back is of lower quality than the rest
  • Not great for practical use right out of the box
$19.95 from Amazon

5. SZCO Supplies Sgian Dubh

SZCO Supplies Sgian Dubh

The Sgian Dubh is a quintessential dirk worn as part of a traditional Scottish Highland dress and kilt. This version of the Sgian Dubh made by SZCO Supplies is a perfect replica of one. Although the handle and sheath are both made of plastic, the rest of the knife more than makes up for it.

The one I ordered came sharp out of the box. Although not the most practical knife, it does make for a quick makeshift letter opener. Still, at the end of the day, the Sgian Dubh by SZCO Supplies is a display piece before anything else.


  • Blade came sharp right out of the box
  • Extremely budget-friendly with a very low price
  • Works great as both a letter opener and a display piece


  • Gem on the pommel is easy to knock out
  • Sheath is of poor quality and does not have a tight fit
$9.36 from Amazon

6. Cold Steel Scottish Dirk

Cold Steel Scottish Dirk

The Cold Steel Scottish Dirk was a pleasant surprise. The handle is hand-carved Rosewood and the knife is well above what I expected.

The blade is made with strong 1055 carbon steel forged to a hard spring temper. The result is a knife that is well-balanced with a nice hefty feel to it. Unlike other similar knives, this one also came fairly sharp right out of the box.

The scabbard, however, is where the real value of this knife comes from. It’s designed with handsome black leather with a perfect fit over the blade. Overall, the Cold Steel Scottish Dirk was well worth the price I paid for it and is one I would easily recommend.


  • Comes with a black leather scabbard with a nice finish
  • Came moderately sharp out of the box
  • It has a well-balanced and hefty feel to it


  • Handle is made with black plastic
  • Blade is long and closer to a short sword than a dirk
from Amazon

Scottish Dirk Knives: A Quick ‘N Easy Buying Guide

Looks, quality, and practicality – it’s important to find the right balance of each. When you do, however, you can be sure that the knife you choose is a winner.

Look And Design

The overall look and design, for instance, makes up a big part of the value of a dirk. Being a knife that is usually bought as a display piece, it’s important to find one that is able to provide you with a great sense of satisfaction.

Quality Of The Material

In the same vein, the material that a knife is made of is also important. A knife that is made with quality materials is a knife that excels as a display piece. Though it may not seem like it, good materials really go a long way in giving a knife that extra “oomph” to make it a fantastic display piece.

Practical Use

More important than either of those, however, is the value a knife has as a practical tool or as a display piece. When you’re looking for practicality, looks will end up being at odds with this goal much of the time. Likewise, most practical tools rarely make great display pieces. Knowing what you intend to use a knife for is easily the most important question you should answer.

What Is A Dirk Knife Used For?

Dirk knives are long daggers with a straight blade. Most are impractical for modern use, but they do make for an amazing display piece or as a finishing touch in a Renaissance-style costume. Some dirks have enough of modern design to be considered for practical use, but there are usually better options around.

What Does A Dirk Knife Look Like?

What Does A Dirk Knife Look Like?

The style of dirk knives can vary widely. Most, however, follow a fairly set pattern. They have a long straight blade that is attached to a somewhat rounded hilt. The length of both can vary quite a bit. Some dirks are easy to mistake as short swords while others may be almost as small as a dagger.

Many modern-day dirks are decorated or have etchings to give them a much more personal feel.

How Is A Dirk Worn?

How a dirk was worn depends on the bearer. Naval officers during the Age of Sail, for example, would have worn their dirks in a much more different manner than those that appeared later such as the ones worn by Japanese naval officers.

How Is A Dirk Worn?

An even bigger difference would be seen in the officers of the Scottish Highland regiments of the 1800’s. What wouldn’t have differed, however, is the use of the dirk as a potent sidearm.

Today, most people who decide to wear a dirk usually choose to do so in the style of the Scottish Highlanders.

What’s The Difference Between A Dirk And A Dagger?

The difference between a dirk and a dagger is a common question – and for good reason too. Both are straight-edged, double-sided weapons that are almost always used as sidearms. The difference, however, is that a dagger is a general term that can easily fit a wide variety of knives.

The dirk – specifically the Scottish dirk – has features that easily distinguishes it from other similar looking knives. The most apparent difference, however, is the overall look of one. It’s extremely common for a dirk to be covered in etchings and decorations. Likewise, the handle will commonly have a more rounded shape.

Are Dirks Illegal?

The legality of a dirk depends entirely on where you live. In California, for example, it’s perfectly legal to carry a dirk. Concealing one, however, is a criminal act. The UK, on the other hand, has enacted a knife ban on a large number of knives including many used for display.

The only way to know if a dirk is legal is to check the laws where you live.

Adding The Perfect Scottish Dirk Knife To Your Collection

The Scottish Dirk is a wonderful display piece that has a place in any knife collector’s home. Some, like the M48 Highland Scottish Dirk, make for a practical tool. Others, however, are better on display.

The Regimental, for instance, is a perfect fit for any knife collection. Others display dirks, like the SZCO Supplies Sgian Dubh, make for the perfect choice for anyone looking for a real Scottish Highlander feel.

For any serious knife collector, the Scottish Dirk is one knife that shouldn’t be ignored.

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