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Ceramic Rod vs Steel Knife Sharpeners

Whether you have your stainless steel or ceramic knife sharpener handy, it’s important to know how to use them so you can keep up with the demand for quality food preparation when your knives start getting duller due to overuse.

A quick comparison between ceramic rod knife sharpener vs steel is sure to help determine which knife sharpener will work better for you.

Knife sharpeners are made from different materials including ceramic rods. The ceramic rod sharpener is popular for its exceptional ability to provide precise and sharp sharpening of blunt knives. It usually comes as a single rod or a set of two. 

Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener 

Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener

Moreover, the ceramic rod knife sharpener shouldn’t be confused for a honing rod. Instead of honing your knifeit removes the blunt layer and unveils a fresh, sharp layer. With this sharpener, you don’t have to worry about the over-sharpening of your knife because it’s not rough.  

However, the ceramic rod knife sharpener is a bit delicate and requires absolute care during use. You don’t want your sharpener breaking after only the first use.  

Steel Knife Sharpener 

Steel Knife Sharpener

The steel knife sharpener is another variety of knife sharpeners. There are three subcategories of this sharpener and include fine grit, standard grit, and ultra-fine grit. The standard grit is the most common option because it does hard cut sharpening. Also, the fine grit maintains the knife’s sharp edge and the ultra-fine grit hones the blade’s edge, keeping it sharp.  

Besides, the steel knife sharpener is typically thin and long. It’s a popular choice thanks to its rust-resistant and hypoallergenic features. Hence, you’ll get an additional period of use. 

Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener vs Steel Features (Face to Face) 

FeatureCeramic Rod Knife Sharpener Steel Knife Sharpener  
Material Ceramic Steel 
Weight Lightweight Lightweight 
Construction Sturdy Sturdy 

Standout Features Between Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener vs Steel

Apart from the above features, the ceramic rod and steel knife sharpeners have some standout features we will explain below:  

1. Durability

The steel knife sharpener is much more durable than the ceramic rod knife sharpener. If you’re not careful enough, the ceramic can accidentally fall and break but a fall won’t break the steel sharpener.  

2. Magnetized

When sharpening with either ceramic rod or steel sharpener, a little amount of metal is removed from the knife, staying on its surface. The tiny metal pieces can easily get inside your food. But the steel knife sharpener is magnetized which gives it the ability to collect the metal pieces and save your food.  

However, this feature is absent in a ceramic rod sharpener and metal pieces can get into your food if the knife is not properly washed before use.  

3. Maintenance

To be on the safe side, ceramic rod knife sharpeners are not dishwasher-safe but its steel counterpart is, making it easier to clean. But both sharpeners can be easily cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth.

Tips for cleaning knife sharpening steel are listed in the Best Ways to Clean a Knife Sharpening Steel article.  


Whether you choose to go with the ceramic rod knife sharpener or the steel knife sharpener, you’ll still get your knife sharpened to your satisfaction. But some features make one sharpener more attractive than the other. For instance, the steel sharpener guarantees longer service than the ceramic rod sharpener. 

With our ceramic rod knife sharpener vs steel guide, you have the right information to make the right choice that satisfies your needs.  

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