Best Double-Edged Karambit Knives to Buy in 2021 [REVIEWS]

If you’re looking for a good quality multi-use knife, the double-edged karambit knife is one of your best choices. This knife gives you the same function and service as a larger knife would, but in a more compact size. Its sharp double-edges give you precision and an advantage when compared to single-edged versions.

My Top 3 Double-Edged Karambit Knives


Double Edged Karambit Knives Reviewed

Having used it myself, it’s impressive to see the efficiency of this exquisite knife, both as a tool and as a potential weapon for self-defense.

This article will discuss some of my favorite double-edged karambit knives on the market. I’ll also talk about what to look for when shopping for one of these knives, so you’ll be prepared to select the best one for your needs.

Here is a list of my favorite double-edged karambit knives available online today:

1. Fox 599 G10 Black Emerson Wave Folding Karambit

Fox 599 G10 Black Emerson Wave Folding Karambit

This is a powerful, multi-functional knife. It has a small blade and fits perfectly into your hand because of the unique patented Emerson wave handle. I love the grip of this knife. It’s perfect for fast blade deployment too. The knife is easy to carry in your pocket or waistband and is relatively lightweight.  


  • Excellent quality utility knife with the patented Emerson Wave
  • Black teflon produces a very sharp tip
  • Pocket clip is adjustable so you can use either hand


  • Hook can get it stuck in your pocket
  • Very sharp, dangerous if kids use it
$139.98 from Amazon

2. Undercover Black Karambit Dagger Knife

Undercover Black Karambit Dagger Knife

This knife is lightweight, durable and priced appropriately. It’s perfect as a utility knife or a weapon. The blades are razor-sharp, so it makes quick work of opening boxes, cutting rope or burlap. The retention rings are large enough to wear on gloves and it fits soundly in your hand without the risk of your hand slipping over the blade.


  • Stainless steel
  • Excellent grip
  • Finger holes
  • United cutlery


  • Sticks in the sheath
  • Needs frequent sharpening
$24.99 from Amazon

3. Nvetls CSGO Knife Sharp Pocket Knives

Nvetls CSGO Knife Sharp Pocket Knives

This is a well-crafted knife with an extremely sharp blade. I loved this knife as a handy tool to open parcels or shred boxes. It’s perfect in the warehouse or for moving needs.

Its ergonomic handle design is more labor-saving, and the outer layer of the handle is wrapped in plastic for a comfortable grip. With its ultra-sharp blade, this knife could also be used for combat in the military. 


  • Good quality and high hardness steel
  • Fine workmanship
  • Compact size
  • It includes a sheath and a hang rope for carrying it safely
  • Blade gives more stability and safety


  • Color not as dark as the picture
  • Dangerously sharp
$18.99 from Amazon

4. Innoverse CSGO Doppler Karambit Hawkbill Neck Knife

Innoverse CSGO Doppler Karambit Hawkbill Full Tang Neck Knife

This is a solid knife that’s superb for cutting tough materials like rope and cardboard. Besides the knife, you get a sheath with a neck cord for hands-free carrying. True to its promise, the knife is sharp and spins well in self-defensive situations. I love the cool color choices too.


  • Solid Stainless Steel Neck Knife
  • Overall Length: 7-1/2″, Blade Length: 3.5″
  • Blade: Stainless Steel
  • Vortex Fade Doppler Finish
  • Handle is molded Black Nylon with a metal finger hole
  • Hard Nylon Sheath w/ Neck Cord


  • Neck cord too small for some necks
  • Grip is strange for handling
$22.95 from Amazon

5. Fox 479 G10 Emerson Wave Karambit

Fox 479 G10 Emerson Wave Karambit

This is a quality knife with a razor-sharp blade and a durable, easy to hold handle for quick use. This knife is perfect for self-defense or knife training. It’s a solid knife you can trust in any situation. I also really like how you can open this knife with just one hand.


  • Great utility knife
  • Emerson Wave allows for quick use
  • Tiger claw blade
  • It includes an adjustable pocket clip
  • Stainless steel


  • Rather expensive
  • Hard to open and close
$127.00 from Amazon

6. Tracer 1 X Hawkbill Neck Knife Green

Tracer 1 X Hawkbill Neck Knife Green

This excellent knife has a secure, comfortable grip. It has an attractive design if you’re looking for a cool looking knife. I really like the vibrant green color. Overall, it’s a great utility knife, sharp enough to cut cardboard or rope.


  • Includes hard sheath with lanyard string
  • ABS plastic handle and sheath


  • Gets dull quickly
  • Small handle
  • You don’t always get the color you ordered
$12.99 from Amazon

What to Look for When Shopping for a Double-Edged Knife

So what should you look for when you’re in the market for a double-edged knife? Here are a few things to consider.


A double-edged Karambit style knife has twice the cutting power. These first-rate knives have different grinds for better cutting. Double-edged knives were originally designed for close self-defense because the second edge was used in a reverse direction.

What to look for a double-edged karambit knife?

Today, karambit knives are also used as utility knives. The karambit knife’s uniquely designed retention rings guarantee a secure, safe grip for utility jobs often performed in close, restricted areas.


Handle materials vary depending upon the style of the knife and the price. Here are the materials typically used for handles:

  • G-10
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Carbon fiber
  • Micarta
  • Polymer
  • FRN
  • Aluminum


Double-edged karambit knives vary in size. The size of the knife you need depends on how you plan to use it. Massive fixed blades are great for heavy tasks. Every situation is different, there’s no one size fits all. Double-edged knives range in size from roughly 4 inches to 7 inches. The blades range as small as 1 inch to as large as a 4-inch blade.


Prices vary depending upon what you want in your double-edged knife. They range from under ten dollars to hundreds of dollars. Remember, a knife is an investment so paying a little more is worth it.

Origins of the Karambit

The karambit knife is a small utility knife with its origins in the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia and the Philippines. Karambit knives are recognizable because of their characteristic curved blade and ergonomic handle with retention rings.

Origins of the karambit knives

These knives are designed for safety, precision, and ease of use in different conditions and situations. Legend has it, the karambit knife design copied a tiger’s claw. Thus, all karambit knives have a curved blade good for snagging, ripping and cutting.

Historically, the karambit first appeared in Indonesia in the 11th century. They showed up in the United States mainstream culture via Filipino and Indonesian martial arts in the 1900s. Today, karambit knives are used worldwide.

Benefits of Owning a Double-Edged Karambit Knife

One unique feature of the karambit is the retention rings or safety rings as they’re sometimes called, which keeps the knife secure in the user’s hand. The rings prevent the knife from slipping back through the user’s hands.

These knives are easily deployed with no need to look down at the knife. This is an asset for combat and self-defense. The karambit knife’s design is appealing to knife owners and collectors. Its curved blade and other features make it functional and safe in all conditions, even underwater. It’s precise and stable which makes it reliable and trustworthy.

Benefits of owning a double-edged karambit knife

If you’re looking for a functional knife, this is a good choice. It’s popular with fishermen, rock climbers, spelunkers, field operatives, law enforcement, search and rescue responders, military and martial artists.

Others who regularly use karambit knives are construction workers, plumbers, carpenters and utility workers. Karambit knives can be used safely at weird angles or cramped places. They can be used for chores or as a weapon. If you own a karambit knife, you own a knife that offers versatility in many different situations.

How Does a Double-Edged Karambit Knife Differ from Other Knives?

Double-edged karambit knives are used by a variety of people including hikers, climbers, first responders, warehouse workers, and backpackers. This knife is best for tough jobs that require a good strong blade.

Karambit knives are safer than the other brands of knives. The karambit knife’s retention rings allow the user a good grip. It also includes the patented Emerson wave, which helps the user to keep a good grip.

Pros and Cons of a Double-Edged Karambit Knife


  • Use both sides – You won’t need to decide which side to use. This is helpful in a self-defense situation.

  • Change directions – You can make a quick stroke or cut without changing how you’re holding the knife. You won’t need to twist your wrist awkwardly.

  • More damage – A double-edged karambit knife when used offensively or defensively can easily damage your assailant guaranteeing injury.


  • Lighter weight knife – This depends upon the style of karambit knife you purchase.

  • Greater chances of cutting yourself – Unlike usual knives, both sides of the double-edged knives are extremely sharp, so it’s easier to get cut.

  • Sometimes illegal – In some states the double-edged Karambit knife is illegal. Check the laws in your state.

  • Intimidating knife – A curved blade knife has double sharp blades so it can be intimidating if someone sees you carrying it.

The double-edge karambit knife is a quality, precision knife loved by knife users and collectors the world over. These knives’ sleek design, safety features, and affordable prices make them a good choice for anyone in the market for a knife. If you’re in the market for a good knife, consider purchasing a double-edged karambit knife.

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