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What Knife Is Best for Cutting Onions?

Who doesn’t like the sweet aroma and crunchiness of onion in their meal? For onion lovers, no proper meal is complete without a hint of properly cut onions. This is because onions are one of the world’s most used vegetables and spices. They have great flavor, but cutting could be such a challenging task. 

With how slippery onions can be and the degree of irritation they cause on the eyes, many people seek credible answers to the question, ‘what knife is best for cutting onions?’ In this post, I’ve suggested the suitable knives you will need for this arduous kitchen task. 

What Knife Is Best for Cutting Onions?

If you’re cooking and chopping up an onion, there’s a knife for the job. Choosing which one depends on what size of onion you have, but generally, it’ll be either a Chef or Santoku knife that works best with medium to large onions. You can choose whichever type is your favorite (or most reasonable), just make sure they cut smoothly through the vegetable when using forward or downward motions.

How do you cut onions with a Chef’s Knife?

How do you cut onions with a Chef's Knife?

One of the most excellent ways of getting a cleanly diced or chopped onion is using a Chef’s knife. This knife is usually eight to ten inches long, with a blade that slightly curves into a sharp pointed tip. The sloping blade with a sharp edge delivers a perfect rocking motion cutting that gives you effortlessly chopped and diced onions.  

When looking for a quality chef’s knife, your best bet is a fully forged chef’s knife that comes with a full tang. This gives solid force support to deliver an acute slice through an onion bulb, no matter how big it is. Traditionally, the chef’s knife is designed as a regular kitchen assistant for professional chefs and kitchen users to deliver all forms of cutting to herbs, vegetables, and fruits. One can dare say no kitchen is complete without a chef’s knife

The first step to cutting your onions right with a chef’s knife is ensuring that it is sharp. Generally, a dull knife is no good. Thus, ensure your chef’s knife is sharp to prevent slipping off and injury. Just in case you are looking for features to look out for in the best chef’s knife, then consider buying the one with high carbon stainless steel construction that is crafted into a formidable razor-sharp blade. Also, a blade that comes with dimples assures the precision cutting level needed for cutting onions.  

How do you cut onions with a Santoku Knife?

How do you cut onions with a Santoku Knife?

Experts will never joke with a Santoku when it comes to cutting onions. This is because Santoku offers its three virtues effortlessly in the hands of anyone looking to chop, mince, dice, or slice onions. The Santoku is very versatile and easy to hold, and just like the chef’s knife, you wouldn’t only be slicing onions but all other vegetables as well. 

Although designed traditionally as a versatile Japanese knife, it has been modified into a well-embraced western style that cuts just about any kitchen ingredient, including onions. It is a perfect and lighter alternative to the chef’s knife but comes with a broader blade. The blade geometry and handle balance offer just the proper control you need to cut through your onions effortlessly without making a mess.  

The cutting edge of a Santoku is quite unmatched. With the acute angle the Santoku blade curves into, your onion will receive the right level of cutting edge to make slicing easier. Ensure you settle for a Santoku with a knife that comes with Granton Edge. This makes the job easier. 

How do you cut onions like a pro?

Whether you opt for a Santoku or Chef’s knife, your knife must be sharp enough for the job. If it is, then you have to learn how to hold your knife right. For example, to cut your onion, you want to curl your fingers around the knife to have a good grip and pinch the blade slightly. 

Avoid sticking your fingers out to avoid cutting yourself. Use your knuckles to hold the onion down instead. Unless you want circle slices, cut the onion in half but leave the root to hold the onions together while you cut. 

Furthermore, you can go ahead to peel the onion, then make about four horizontal slices on the onion you have knuckled down. Depending on how you want your onions diced or chopped, you could make between four to ten vertical pieces on the half before cutting. You will have a finely sliced onion with this. 


While it is easy to read up on what knife is best for cutting onions, always remember that effortless cutting starts with a sharp knife. It doesn’t just stop there; having a fully forged knife with great cutting-edge technology will put you in control and help you achieve any cut quickly. However, you definitely can’t go wrong when choosing between a chef’s knife or a Santoku.

Just in case you are still in doubt of anything, please let us know in the comment section. 

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