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5 Top Bolo Knife Picks for Serious Adventurers In 2022

The Bolo knife, or Bolo machete, is one of the best outdoor tools for survivalists and true outdoorsmen. Though this knife isn’t something you’ll probably use every day, the powerful blade is perfect for chopping, cutting, and hacking away at thick green landscapes.

My Top 3 Bolo Knives

5 Top Bolo Knives Reviewed

Regardless, Bolo knives are an excellent addition to any knife collection with their impressive appearance and super sharp construction. Bolo knives definitely stand out from the crowd with their long, robust, and slightly curved blade.

Below, I’ll go over the details of some of my favorite Bolo knives on the market today. With a variety of blade lengths, styles, and overall design features, you’re bound to find the perfect knife for your needs with any of these superb picks.

If You´re a Serious Adventurer You Must Check Our Top Bolo Knife Picks

Without further ado, here are the best Bolo knife options 2022 has to offer.

1. Condor Tool & Bolo Machete

Condor Tool & Bolo Machete

For a high-quality blade that’s made to hold its edge over the years, this bolo machete is an excellent choice. It is made out of robust carbon steel, making it perfect for regular outdoor use. This knife runs about 15 and a half inches long, allowing this tool to serve as an efficient tall-grass cutting machine.

The knife is thick enough to execute lengthy chopping jobs but can also be used to whack tall, thin grasses with ease. I loved using this knife to landscape areas of my property. It’s thick and has a well-balanced weight to it, weighing in at just under 2 pounds.

I also love how this blade has a stylistic condor hole adding to its unique, authentic appearance. Overall, this Bolo knife is super sturdy and gets any job done with ease.


  • Made out of strong carbon steel
  • Lengthy 15 and a half-inch blade
  • Perfect for outdoor or landscaping uses
  • Well-balanced design


  • Does not come with a storage sheath
from Amazon

2. Imacasa 14

Imacasa 14

This beautiful, Bolo machete is made out of high-carbon steel ensuring that the knife is sturdy and efficient for years to come. The Bolo knife has a rounded end making it a great all-purpose gardening and landscaping tool.

Notably, this Bolo knife is also super lightweight making it ideal for taking with you while camping or hiking. The handle of this Bolo Machete is easy to grip and hold while working or chopping.

Overall, I found this Bolo knife to be incredibly impressive for its weight class and price. The blade is about 14-inches long with an overall knife length of 19 and a half inches. You’ll need to sharpen this knife before its initial use, but once it’s properly shaped, the blade serves as an indispensable cutting and chopping tool.


  • Great all-purpose knife for gardening, landscaping, and enjoying the great outdoors
  • 19-inch long knife
  • Sturdy, robust metal construction
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Does not come with a sheath which may make this knife more difficult to store
$26.33 from Amazon

3. Cold Steel 97LBM Bolo

Cold Steel 97LBM Bolo

This cold steel machete knife is made out of 1055 carbon steel, ensuring that your knife stays super strong for years to come. The Bolo knife comes with a custom nylon sheath making the blade easy to store and keep in mint condition. I love how this fixed blade features an easy-grip handle making it easy to use even when forging through tall, thick grasses.

I found this Bolo knife super versatile and easy to sharpen for prolonged use. The flexible blade was perfect for basic landscaping tasks but also serves as a beautiful addition to any serious knife collection. This Bolo knife also has a matte corrosion-resistant finish ensuring that this blade is properly protected from the elements.

Overall, this is an excellent Bolo blade for the price that you’re sure to enjoy using on a regular basis.


  • Made out of sturdy carbon steel
  • Comes with a custom nylon sheath
  • Versatile, easy to sharpen blade
  • Corrosion-resistant finish


  • The handle may be rough for some users, this Bolo knife might be best to use with gloves
$29.96 from Amazon

4. Tramontina Bolo Machete

Tramontina Bolo Machete

For a super authentic machete style blade, this Bolo knife is an excellent choice. The blade is made in Brazil and features a riveted handle for ease of use. This machete is crafted out of ultra-strong high-carbon steel ensuring that it stays strong and sturdy for years to come. Notably, this knife has a rustic wooden style handle giving it a unique, classic look.

Tramontina measures out to 14-inches, with the total blade coming out to about 19-inches total. Plus, this Bolo knife has a full-tang construction making the machete fully balanced for dependable, regular use. The blade also features a corrosion-resistant coating ensuring that the knife is built to last.

Overall, I was impressed by the great value of this knife for the affordable price and loved the power of this Bolo knife. It made an efficient, all-purpose utility tool.


  • Excellent, affordable price point
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Works as an all-purpose utility blade
  • Features a unique, rustic wooden handle


  • May be difficult to store due to the long 19-inch long design
$18.59 from Amazon

5. Gerber Gator Bolo Machete

Gerber Gator Bolo Machete

This Bolo machete is fully balanced with full tang construction. Notably, the 22.5-inch long knife comes with a nylon sheath so that you can keep your knife in mint condition over the years. This jungle-style machete has a super curved blade and pointed edge to seamlessly cut through any foliage or landscape.

I love how this machete is made out of corrosion-resistant steel, making the blade super durable and strong. It’s also super easy to carry around with the sheath’s embedded belt-loop and D ring attachments. With a slip-free ergonomic grip, this bolo machete stays firmly in place while it cuts and hacks away at whatever you put in front of it.

Overall, Gerber Gator is made to last and makes an excellent survival or outdoor tool. These made in the USA knives are bound to keep you safe and protected while adventuring the great outdoors.


  • Made in the USA ensuring top-quality construction
  • The sheath comes with embedded belt-loop and D ring attachments
  • Extra-long 22.5-inch blade
  • Fixed with a slip-free ergonomic grip for ease of use


  • Extra-long blade may not be best suited for regular landscaping tasks
$45.85 from Amazon

What is a Bolo Knife?

Bolo knives have ultra-long blades making them exceptional hacking tools. Though they come in a wide variety of styles, most Bolo knives have a sharp point at the end of the blade. In the past, Bolo knives were used as weapons, but in modern times, they’re chiefly used for agricultural or gardening uses.

What are the origins of the Bolo Knife?

A Bolo knife is a truly historic blade that is bound to make an excellent addition to any knife collection with its unique design and features.

What are the origins of the Bolo Knife?

The blade originally comes from the Philippines and has historically been used to clear out vast, diverse landscapes or as sharp, pointed weapons. The knives are characteristically made out of high carbon steel and feature either a wooden or animal horn as the handle.

What is a Bolo Knife used for?

Bolo knives are rarely used as defense tools nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they’re no longer useful. Here are a couple of ways to use your Bolo knife in the modern age.


Bolo knives and other machetes cut tall grasses and vines in a way that other outdoor blades simply can’t. The curved design of this knife makes it perfect for any landscaping task like hacking, chopping, or cutting.

Outdoor Utility Knife

What are the different uses of a Bolo Knife?

This outdoor utility knife is perfect for a myriad of hunting and hiking tasks. Though it is quite long, the bolo blade is ultra-sharp, making it great for both cutting and chopping. Bolo blades are also usually quite heavy, which makes them all the more versatile due to their noticeable power.

However, you’ll need to invest in a proper sheath for your bolo knife as their large stature may make the blades more difficult to transport from location to location.


At the very least, Bolo knives make excellent additions to your knife display collection as they have a unique, rich history. Moreover, Bolo blades have a very characteristic appearance that is bound to stand out amongst your other knives.

Just be sure to invest in a proper Bolo display case or rack to keep your blade in tip-top shape.

The Beauty of Bolo Blades

It’s hard to come by a knife that’s as diverse and strong as the Bolo knife. Not only are Bolo knives excellent additions to any collection, but their unique, ultra-long blade design makes them well suited for outdoor landscaping and gardening tasks.

At the very least, Bolo knives are superb outdoor utility knives that will keep you safe and protected while exploring the great outdoors. You’re bound to love using any of these sturdy, vetted Bolo blades for years to come.

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