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7 Best Boning Knives Tested and Reviewed

In the kitchen, it’s all too easy to stick to only using a single knife. But as anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen will tell you, sometimes you’re better off using the right tool for the right job. Nowhere else is this more clear than in the case of the boning knife.

My Top 3 Boning Knives

7 Best Boning Knives

The 7 Best Boning Knives Reviewed for 2024

Having the right tool is importantWhen it comes to cooking up a storm in the kitchen work. A boning knife can make cooking more efficient and help you to create a better result.

1. Dalstrong Omega Series 6” Boning Knife

Dalstrong Omega Series 6” Boning Knife

Dalstrong is a well-known brand when it comes to delivering high-quality kitchen knives. The Omega series is no exception.

This 6” knife has an amazing design that makes it as much of a display piece as it does a practical one. This design makes it easy to work with most types of meat. Fish, for instance, is incredibly easy to deal with without the worry of tearing the meat.

It has a few unfortunate problems though. The large size makes it a poor fit for someone with small hands. The same practical design also makes it easy to accidentally hurt yourself on the heel of the blade.

Aside from that, however, the Dalstrong is an exceptional blade to have in the kitchen.


  • Has a heavy feel with an ornate look
  • Design makes it easy to work with
  • Made with high-end steel


  • Came dull out of the box
  • Sharp point at the heel of the blade
from Amazon

2. Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal Series Boning Knife

Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal Series Boning Knife

The Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal Series is interesting – particularly the boning knife. It has a unique design that makes for an excellent display piece. In terms of practical use, however, it’s awkward and has quite the learning curve. But once you get past this awkward stage, you’ll find the Alpha-Royal to be a high-end boning knife that is a fit for any kitchen.

High-quality Damascus steel gives the blade both strength and durability. Excellent craftsmanship by Zelite Infinity leads to a perfect finish and a great fit. Heavy and awkward to use, the Alpha-Royal isn’t for everybody.

If it is, however, you’ll find yourself with a knife that easily puts many other similar knives to shame.


  • Made with high-quality Damascus steel
  • Has an excellent fit and finish
  • Interesting design makes for a great display piece


  • Heavy and not great for long hours
  • Shape makes it awkward to cut with
$59.00 from Amazon

3. Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8” Boning Knife

Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8” Boning Knife

Like the Omega Series, the Gladiator Series is just as apt at providing you with a top-shelf kitchen knife. Although not as ornate as the Omega line, the Gladiator makes up for it by being durable.

Made with high-quality German Steel, the blade is strong enough to easily cut through most joints and membranes. At the same time, it’s also flexible enough to easily maneuver around bone and joints.

This is a big knife. For some, it may even be too big. The one I received was sharp right out of the box. It did, however, have a tough time holding an edge over a long period of time.

Still, like the Omega, the Gladiator is well worth the price.


  • Made with high-quality German Steel
  • Handle is made with comfortable and durable laminate wood
  • Flexible and easy to maneuver


  • Large length may be too much for some people
  • Not the best at holding an edge
$80.00 from Amazon

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Curved Boning Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Curved Boning Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Curved Boning Knife is a fantastic knife for the price. A perfect blend of quality and price, the Victorinox has everything you would expect from a quality knife. It has a weighty feel with a nice overall balance while still being light and easy to hold. The handle is comfortable and stays conformable even after long use.

It’s not especially flexible, however. It also doesn’t come with a protective sleeve. Taking into account the price, these cons are easy to accept. More importantly, when it comes to heavy duty kitchen tasks, the Victorinox is hard to beat.

Overall, this is a fantastic knife in both price and quality.


  • Handle is comfortable to hold and made with powerful material
  • Weighty feel with a good overall balance
  • Great for heavy duty kitchen tasks


  • Not the most flexible knife around
  • Didn’t come with a protective sleeve
$22.99 from Amazon

5. Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet Knife

Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet Knife

The Shun Cutlery does a lot of things right. It’s made with strong Damascus steel. The handle is comfortable and durable. It’s easy to use and does its job well.

More than anything else, though, the Shun Cutlery is versatile. It can be used as both a boning knife and a fillet knife. Although it may not seem like much, in the kitchen, this slight advantage can save you a lot of time.

When you take into account the rest of the knife, you end up with a tool that brings a lot of value for the money spent.

Overall, the Shun Cutlery is a knife I can recommend easily.


  • Made with strong Damascus steel
  • Can be used as both a boning knife and a fillet knife
  • Both comfortable and easy to use


  • Has a slight learning curve because of the awkward shape
  • Came dull out of the box
$139.95 from Amazon


This is well worth the budget-friendly cost. The edge was impressive and so was how long it held. The knife is well-balanced and has a hefty feel to it.

The material the blade is made from is also high-quality. The design, however, is where this knife excels. It has a beautiful and ornate Walnut design that makes it a great stylistic fit in any kitchen.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this knife is only for looks. Behind the looks is a workhorse of a knife that is perfect for practical kitchen duties. Once sharpened, the Chicago Cutlery Boning Knife is easily on the same level as any other premium knife.


  • Well-balanced with an impressive edge
  • An ornate design with a Walnut-colored look
  • Made with high-grade carbon steel


  • Needs a little work out of the box to be usable
  • Not very sharp out of the box

7. Mercer Culinary Millennia 6” Boning Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia 6” Boning Knife

The Mercer Culinary Millennia is sharp. Unlike a lot of other knives I’ve reviewed over the years, it’s sharp right out of the box.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to easily hold this edge for quite a while. Although this may not seem like much, when you take into account the low price, it ends up being quite the deal. The rest of the knife is just as good, if not more so.

The biggest problem, however, is that this knife is not dishwasher safe. As great as the Mercer is, it may not be the best choice for someone without a lot of time. Still, if you can get past this minor problem, the Mercer leads itself to be quite the worthwhile knife.


  • Came sharp right out of the box
  • Has a budget-friendly price and professional-level quality
  • Great at holding an edge


  • Lacks a full tang
  • Not dishwasher safe
$20.11 from Amazon

Buying Guide: How to Spot The Best Boning Knives

Choosing the right boning knife can be an easy process. But if you don’t know what to look for, it can easily turn into a difficult one. Not taking into account important aspects of the knife is a mistake that many new knife buyers fall into.

The good news? It’s a mistake that is easy to avoid. Most good knives have a common set of qualities that make them good. Boning knives are no exception.

How to spot the best Boning knives?

Material Quality

Good boning knives are made with high-quality materials. The blade is forged using powerful steel such as Damascus or German steel. The handle is made with material that is equally as strong. But the material alone isn’t everything. How that material is used is equally as vital.

Flexibility and Strength

Great boning knives are flexible. They are easy to maneuver and can easily cut around bone. But a great boning knife is also strong. It avoids what it doesn’t want to cut, but goes right through when it’s time to cut.


Finally, as you would expect, the price of a knife is another important factor to be aware of. A knife may have everything you need, but if it’s out of your budget? That’s more than just a problem, it’s a disappointment. Likewise, sometimes a similar knife can have all of the features you need, letting you save some of your hard-earned dollars.

What Is A Boning Knife Used For?

A Boning knife is a popular kitchen tool. As the name suggests, its main purpose involves extracting bone from various kinds of meat. Some people, however, use it as a general all-purpose knife instead. As a result, the design of the boning knife has changed throughout the years to reflect this.

What is a boning knife used for?

Most knives of this style have a few characteristics that they all share. The most common is the flexible blade. As its main purpose involves boning, having a flexible blade is an important aspect to have. Some boning knives have a rigid blade, but that isn’t very common.

Is A Boning Knife The Same As A Fillet Knife?

One of the most common questions I get is the difference between a fillet knife and a boning knife. And for good reason – these two knives are very similar in both appearance and use.

The difference, however, lies in how each is used. A boning knife pulls away the meat from the bone. A fillet knife, on the other hand, pulls away the skin from the meat instead.

As a result, it’s very rare to find a fillet knife that isn’t flexible. The boning knife, however, is usually flexible but can also be rigid.

Should A Boning Knife Be Flexible?

A boning knife has the option of being flexible or rigid. Knowing which is best is a hard question to answer. But knowing what you intend to use it for goes a long way. Working with fish, for instance, is best done with a flexible knife. Rigidness, however, can be helpful when cutting through a lot of tough tendons and ligaments.

How Long Should A Boning Knife Be?

Boning knives come in a lot of different lengths. Finding the right one comes down to knowing what you want to cut. Small fish or cuts of meat are best done with an equally small knife.

Bigger meats are the opposite – bigger is better. At the same time, the specifics tasks you’ll be doing are just as important to know. Delicate work on a big piece of meat could just as easily require a smaller knife.

When it comes to boning knives, the secret to knowing what you want is to know what you need.

Buying a Boning Knife has never been easier

A boning knife is a helpful tool to have in the kitchen. Whether it’s the classy – a great choice for anyone looking for class or style – or the Dalstrong Gladiator – a practical choice for the practically-minded – it’s easy to find a knife that fits your needs.

And trust me. Once you’ve found a boning knife that you like, you’ll be hard-pressed to ever go back to being without it.

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