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Quality Dalstrong Knife Sets For Your Kitchen in 2024

There’s no doubt that Dalstrong is one of the most popular, trusted brands within the knife market. However, which Dalstrong knives are truly the best? Also, what makes Dalstrong knives different from other blades?

My Top 3 Dalstrong Knife Sets

7 Dalstrong Knives Series Reviewed

Below, I’ll explain exactly why Dalstrong is a great knife brand for any kitchen. Moreover, I’ll dive into a comprehensive Dalstrong knives review so that you can find the best blade for your needs.

Top 7 Dalstrong Knife Sets Reviewed

Without further ado, here is my comprehensive Dalstrong knives review to help you pick out your ideal Dalstrong knife set. I will cover both knife sets as well as single blades.

1. Dalstrong Gladiator Series

Dalstrong Gladiator Series

You won’t be disappointed with the Gladiator Series. I love that these knives are made out of high-carbon, top of the line German steel. They truly earn their spot in the Dalstrong knives review with its incredibly sharp edge and stain-resistant surface.

Each blade in this set is hand-sharpened about 16-18 degrees per side for ultra-thin slicing and dicing. The ergonomic blades are super easy to handle and can be used by both right and left-handed chefs.

These super-strong blades have a Rockwell hardness of 56, making them well-suited to last you and your family years to come. Each knife is also triple-riveted for superior construction that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

The Gladiator series set contains everything you need to get cooking. The 14-piece set includes the following pieces:

I love the knife block’s quality— It’s made out of solid walnut wood making it exceptionally sturdy to house this beautiful knife set. The block has a unique two-tiered design that seamlessly organizes the blades without taking up excess counter space. Plus, with its neutral wood appearance, the block fits perfectly in any style environment.

The set also comes with a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee just in case it isn’t the perfect set for your needs. However, I’m sure you’ll love this set if you’re looking for strong, dependable blades that can make precise, slim cuts.

Dalstrong Gladiator Series

The Gladiator knives have excellent edge retention and won’t have to be sharpened as often as other blades though the included steel rod is perfect for that purpose. For 18 total pieces, this set is a great value for the price that will hold strong throughout your cooking endeavors.

2. Dalstrong Shadow Black Series

Dalstrong Shadow Black Series

The Shadow Black Series truly stands out in the best way possible. As you might have guessed, these knives are fully jet black. The blades are super strong with a hardness rating of 58 HRC. These high-quality steel blades are stain-resistant and have a unique titanium coating.

Each shadow series knife is incredibly sharp and crafted with a 16 to 18-degree edge. You can receive just about any specialty knife within the shadow black series:

In addition, you also have the option of purchasing matching sharpening steel to go along with your unique knife set. Since this blade is covered with a titanium coating, it can stand up against rust and other normal wear and tear.

I love the geometric design of the handles on these blades that is equally functional as it is fashionable. They also happen to be military-grade and anti-slip, so you can depend on these knives for years to come.

Dalstrong Shadow Black Series

The flexible blades are also incredibly well balanced with full tang construction. Each knife also comes with a custom sheath to keep your blades safe when not in use. These blades are also backed by Dalstrong’s lifetime warranty, so you’re truly getting a great deal for the price. The blades are each embossed with a subtle, polished Dalstrong decal.

Overall, these versatile knives are super strong and make for unique kitchen pieces. You’ll love adding this sleek, jet black blades to your collection.

3. Dalstrong Crusader Series

Dalstrong Crusader Series

The Dalstrong Crusader Series is a staple in any Dalstrong Knives review due to its simple, yet powerful design. Each blade is made out of 100% steel, giving this set a gorgeous neutral but polished appearance that fits in perfectly with any decor. I love the versatility of these blades and was pleased to find that each of these knives has an impressive hardness scale rating of 58 HRC.

These knives are honed to perfection with a 16 to 18-degree edge on every blade. The German steel blades are fully stain-resistant and have an embedded fuller groove for added design and function. Each knife is fixed with an ergonomic handle as well, making the blade well suited for beginner and advanced use.

Though this set does not have as many blades as the Gladiator Series, it contains essential blades that are incredibly versatile in their own way. It’s the perfect set for experienced chefs who already have a large collection of highly specialized blades or beginners who want a reliable set to start with.

This 8-piece knife set includes the following blades:

The neatly packed knife set is a great value for the price. As per usual, these Dalstrong blades are protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure it’s a good fit for your kitchen.

Dalstrong Crusader Series

I love the unique see-through knife block of this set. Though the knives are thoroughly contained, you can view them through the gorgeous Manchurian wood block. The knife block is super sturdy while still remaining aesthetically pleasing, making it a great addition to this great knife set.

4. Dalstrong Phantom Series

Dalstrong Phantom Series

There’s nothing quite like the precision of Japanese blades, which is why Dalstrong has recreated their key features with their superb Phantom Series of blades. The knives are sold blade by blade, making them the perfect addition to any professionally curated set. Each blade is made out of super-strong AUS-B Japanese Steel.

These agile knives each have a 13 to 15-degree edge for simple, precise cuts. With a signature D-Shaped handle, these knives are well suited for efficient professional use. I love how each knife is fully stain-resistant, which makes for easy maintenance on the fly. True to traditional design, these blades have a gorgeous copper and brass mosaic emblem making each blade a true work of art.

This series is perfect for chefs who want a specialized blade rather than an entire set. From this collection, you can choose between the following:

Notably, each knife comes with an included sheath for easy storage. These blades are super sharp and eliminate any excess drag making them well-suited for cooking professionals who prioritize efficiency over all else.

Dalstrong Phantom Series

With full-tang precision, these knives feel extremely well-balanced making them perfect for prolonged cooking sessions. These individual Dalstrong blades are rock solid and a great investment for serious cooks. Though they may be a bit more expensive than the Dalstrong sets, these specialty knives truly hold for their own.

The ornate blades are great for display and regular use. You’ll find that the Phantom series truly deserves a great Dalstrong knives review.

5. Dalstrong Quantum 1 Series

Dalstrong Quantum 1 Series

Looking for a truly futuristic set of blades? In which case, the Quantum 1 Series is an excellent choice. This knife is incredibly robust making it a surefire kitchen staple for any household. The blade is made out of carbon steel and has an impressive hardness rating of 63 HRC, making the knives incredibly strong.

I love how each knife is made out of American forged hyper steel. Each of these knives is constructed with an easy to handle 8 to 12-degree cutting edge. These knives have a unique, nitrogen-cooled design making them beautiful pieces to add to your collection. With gauge 8 edge retention, these knives are extra-sharp and will require little to no maintenance.

The tall blades give you appropriate knuckle clearance so that you can chop away with speed and efficiency. The quantum series also utilizes full-tang construction, making for impressively well-balanced blades.

From this series, you can select from the following:

Though you can’t purchase the set in a bundle, these individual blades are each backed by a lifetime guarantee. You won’t have to worry about these knives underperforming, as the Quantum series is built strong for a reason.

Notably, each knife has an ergonomic handle that happens to be military-grade. Hence, the blades have a secure, impressive grip that any chef will love. Each knife also comes with a custom sheath so that you can keep your blades in tip-top shape over time. The sheaths also have a secure fastening system, making them perfect for use on the go or when traveling.

Dalstrong Quantum 1 Series

These knives also come pre-sharpened, so they’ll be ready to use right out of the packaging.

Overall, this collection is perfect for anyone looking for carbon-steel blades that have a center focus around strong construction.

6. Dalstrong Shogun Series

Dalstrong Shogun Series

For chefs who appreciate the unique design of Japanese blades tied with superior steel strength, this is the perfect knife collection for you. The Shogun Series features a collection of 8 beautiful knives that you’re sure to love.

From this collection, you can select a wide range of the following blades:

Each knife in this series is constructed by Japanese Aus 10V super steel. With 67 separate layers of super-strong steel, these blades are bound to stand the test of time. These knives have an impressive hardness of 62 HRC and retain an 8-12 degree edge.

I love how easy it is to maneuver these knives with the versatile fiberglass handle design. These blades are also as good as they look— Each blade features a unique “Tsunami Rose” pattern, so the knives look great on display when not in use. While you can only purchase chef knife variants from this collection, each blade is incredibly diverse.

In fact, chef knives can be used for a variety of tasks including chopping up fruits and vegetables, or even slicing soft meats. These knives are perfect for professional or novice chefs and come with a custom sheath for each blade for secure storage and transport.

As per the Dalstrong guarantee, this series comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a lifetime warranty effectively protecting your purchase. While these knives might cost a bit more than an average blade, they’re well worth forgoing the extra cost. Each knife has a gorgeous beveled design that any knife collector will appreciate.

Dalstrong Shogun Series

Overall, this blade collection is the perfect pick for anyone looking for a versatile, strong knife that will last for years to come. Plus, with Dalstrong’s unbeatable customer service, you’re sure to make a well worth investment for your kitchen.

7. Dalstrong Omega Series

Dalstrong Omega Series

The final selection in our best Dalstrong knives review is the Dalstrong Omega Series collection. These knives are the hardest Dalstrong blades of the series with an impressive 63 HRC rating. The strong blades are made to be extra sharp and extremely durable, ideal for long term use.

From this collection, you can select from the following blades

I love the unique metal pattern on Omega series’ blades— Each knife has a unique stripe appearance that is striking to look at while still remaining polished.

This gorgeous pattern is due to the blade’s unique hyper steel construction. The omega series combines chromium, carbon, molybdenum, and nitrogen to make a robust steel that you can depend on throughout your cooking journey. This knife design features full tang construction making Omega blades extremely well-balanced for regular use.

Along with your purchase, you’ll also get a custom sheath for your Omega series blade. The PU leather sheath protects the blade’s hand-polished shine making these knives a great addition to any kitchen.

Dalstrong Omega Series

Overall, the Omega series hosts knives with a great combination of gorgeous appearance and robust functionality. I love using these knives day in and day out, and they also look great when not in use— which I appreciate immensely as a knife collector. They’re also backed by Dalstrong’s money-back guarantee, so they’re bound to be a great pick for anyone and everyone.

Why Are Dalstrong Knives So Popular?

Unsure why the Dalstrong seal of approval is one to be taken seriously? Here are couple of reasons why the Dalstrong brand is synonymous with quality.

Excellent Customer Service

Behind every great product is an equally great team, and Dalstrong is no exception. As you’ll see above, all Dalstrong knives are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if your knife isn’t up to your standards, you’ll be able to receive a new product or refund without hassle. Moreover, many of these blades also come with a lifetime warranty, effectively protecting your purchase.

Impressive Hardness

Exceptional Dalstrong Knives Reviewed

Dalstrong blades usually have a hardness rating of above 55 HRC, making them incredibly robust blades. These knives are crafted to perfection using high-quality pure metals or scientifically backed metal blends.


Dalstrong offers a wide range of blade styles as they take inspiration from all different types of traditional blades. Within the Dalstrong brand, there’s definitely a perfect knife for you. Whether it’s a jet-black Omega blade or a Japanese-style Nakiri knife, Dalstrong has got your back.

Built to Last

All Dalstrong blades are built for both personal and professional use. This means that your knives can withstand everyday use. While you’ll still need to sharpen your Dalstrong blades (as you would with any knife), these knives have superb blade retention, so they’ll stay sharp for longer.

The robust construction of these blades will stand the test of time. If for whatever reason you experience a defect, the company has got your back with an excellent money-back guarantee.

Are Dalstrong Knives Expensive?

You may find that you pay a bit more for an individual Dalstrong blade than you would for a low-range knife. However, you’re still getting a great deal. Dalstrong knives are built to last and often come with lifetime guarantees. So while you may pay more upfront, these blades have the potential to last you and your family years to come.

These blades are a great bang for your buck. Plus, with bundle options, you have the opportunity to save on costs per the sheer volume of high-quality knives received.

Dalstrong Knives Are Worth It

At the end of the day, it’s tough to beat the superior quality, design, and construction of gorgeous Dalstrong knives. I depend on these knives for much of my cooking endeavors, so I highly recommend trying out one of these great picks. Enjoying crafting delicious meals with these versatile, dependable blades.

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