5 Top Kephart Knife Picks for Outdoor Survivalists In 2021

Not every knife is beautiful. Some knives are rugged with a strong sense of toughness inside. More often than not, these are the knives that are designed to be practical. These are the knives that every outdoorsman wants on their toolbelt. For serious outdoor survivalists, few knives can match the utility and power of the Kephart knife.

My Top 3 Kephart Knives

5 Best Kephart Knife Picks Reviewed

The Kephart is a knife that is almost a century old. Created in the early 1900’s by the prominent outdoor writer and woodsman Horace Kephart, this knife has withstood the test of time since then.

Today, many avid knife collectors and outdoorsmen have at least one of these great knives in their collection.

Check 5 of my favorite Kephart Knife picks here!

1. Ka-Bar Becker

Ka-Bar Becker

The Ka-Bar Becker doesn’t do much different. It’s a standard Kephart and that’s a good thing. Although the Ka-Bar can serve as a good bush knife, there are other options that serve that purpose better. For a knife collector, however, few knives can come as close to replicating the original Kephart as the Ka-Bar does.

This is a full tang knife that is both durable and well-made. It’s well-balanced with a handle that is thin but comfortable to hold. It comes with a sheath that is of acceptable quality.

Although the price is on the higher side, the Ka-Bar is a well-made knife that makes a great fit for any collector’s home.


  • Blade is full tang
  • Knife as a whole is well-balanced and durable
  • Handle is thin and comfortable


  • Included sheath was of poor quality
  • Price is on the high side
$129.97 from Amazon

2. ESEE PR4 With Sheath

ESEE PR4 With Sheath

The ESEE PR4 is a workhorse. Although it isn’t the most elegant piece, this rugged blade is perfect for anyone who spends any amount of time in the wilderness. The blade itself is made with sturdy and high-quality metal with a full tang. The handle is just as durable.

The PR4 isn’t the most comfortable knife around. The handle is adequate, but there are better knives around for comfort – especially for those with large hands. When it comes to practical use, however, the PR4 is hard to beat.

The design of the blade and the quality of the materials make for a knife that is a great choice for any outdoor survivalist.


  • Blade is sturdy with good durability
  • Sheath is made of high-quality material
  • Small size makes it a great choice for small hands


  • Handle is not the best choice for large hands
  • Handle can be uncomfortable at times
$107.30 from Amazon

3. Condor Tool & Knife

Condor Tool & Knife

The Condor Tool & Knife is a great value for the price. The material of the knife is high-quality. It has a full tang blade that is made with high carbon steel. The handle is wooden and just as durable as the rest of the knife. As a whole, the knife is both practical and comfortable to use over many hours. In terms of value for the price, the Condor is hard to beat.

Unfortunately, despite these high points, the knife is full of minor issues. The blade had a huge burr on the cutting edge that needed to be removed. With a little DIY, however, these problems where easy to fix.

Overall, the Condor is a great knife for anyone not afraid to get their hands dirty.


  • Blade is made with high carbon steel
  • Wooden handle is comfortable for long use
  • Price is budget-friendly and offers great value


  • Knife requires some work before becoming usable
$55.23 from Amazon

4. Ontario Knife Company Bushcraft

Ontario Knife Company Bushcraft

The Bushcraft by Ontario Knife Company is an excellent blend of practicality and looks. It’s a lightweight knife with a simple design. Both the blade and handle are made with durable high-quality materials.

The handle, in particular, is comfortable to hold with a minimalist but stylish design. Likewise, the blade is durable without many bells-and-whistles. It’s a small knife that is around 10 inches in length.

In terms of practicality, the simple design gives the bushcraft the ability to be a great choice for wilderness survival. Likewise, the simple design doesn’t take away from the knife’s ability to serve as a display piece.

Overall, the Bushcraft is an excellent choice for any avid knife collector and wilderness expert.


  • Lightweight and small with a simple grip
  • Comes with a high-quality sheath
  • Is both practical and a great display piece


  • Small size isn’t for everybody
$77.20 from Amazon

5. Kephart Blank By Condor Tool & Knife

Kephart Blank By Condor Tool & Knife

The Kephart Blank isn’t a traditional knife. To put it another way, it doesn’t have a handle. Rather, this is a knife that excels in giving you a great deal of control in what you want in a knife.

The material that this full tang blade is made of is durable and high-quality. Unlike other knives, the blade is also usable right out of the box once a proper handle is attached.

Price-wise, the Blank itself is low-priced and affordable. The price of the handle, however, depends on the amount of work you decide to put in.

Overall, the Kephart Blank makes a great choice for anyone looking to bring out their individuality.


  • Usable out of the box
  • Made with quality materials
  • Blade is well-finished and easily holds an edge


  • Not the most durable knife
  • Requires a DIY handle
$27.10 from Amazon

Buying Guide: An Easy Checklist For Finding A Quality Kephart

Kephart knives come in various shapes and sizes. Some have a more modern form while others are as close to the original as you can get. No matter the case, it’s easy to find a Kephart that offers you the best value for your hard-earned money.


Take the overall quality of the knife, for example. Those that offer the best value will usually contain signs that show their quality. They may be durable, be made of high-quality materials or they may even just be a display piece worth having in your collection.


A Kephart knife that is made with durable material, for instance, is one that will easily last a long time. It goes without saying that a knife that lasts years is one that provides you with a lot of value for the money you spent.

But the material a knife is made of and the quality it holds is only part of the entire picture.


Just as important is how a knife looks. A Kephart knife may be practical, but if it’s one that you hate using, all that practicality is for naught. Suffice it to say, it’s better to have a knife that you love than it is to have one that only gets the job done that you hate. If you love a certain knife enough, it’s easy to ignore all of the problems that it brings.

What Is A Kephart Knife?

A Kephart is a knife with a deep history. It can serve as both a display piece or as a tool on your tool belt. It is both practical and simple.

What Is A Kephart Knife?

In short, it’s a knife that is versatile and a joy to have. But beyond being a simple object, it is also a symbol of the outdoors. Even today, many knife collectors – like me – consider the Kephart to be an essential part of our knife collection.

What Are Kephart Knives For

Some knives are difficult to find a use for. Kephart is not one of them. It exists for a single reason that is clear to see. It is an outdoors knife unlike any other. Few knives, even today, can match the rugged power that the Kephart holds. For an outdoor survivalist, the Kephart is as much of a necessity as water.

The Kephart makes an amazing display piece to be sure but at the end of the day? The Kephart is at home outside and being put to practical use.

The Origins Of The Kephart Knife

The Kephart is a knife that many outdoorsmen will know. The popularity of this knife comes from its use by Horace Kephart.

The Origins Of The Kephart Knife
Kephart sits atop the first Mount Kephart. George Masa/Kephart Family Collection/GSMA photo

This knife was first described in his book “Camping and Woodcraft”. Since then, outdoorsmen have found this knife as an essential tool in the wilderness. Although, its use has reduced in recent years, it is still an outdoor classic that many survivalists do not leave their home without.

Kephart Knife: A Bushcrafter’s Bestfriend

A Kephart knife is a great piece to have in any knife collection. But it’s also a knife that is practical. Take the ESEE PR4, for example. The practicality that this knife offers makes it a great choice for any hardcore survivalist.

For a collector trying to find a piece as close to the original Kephart, the Ka-Bar could easily serve just as well. What it lacks in practicality, it makes up for in looks.

All-in-all, the Kephart is a wonderful blade that is a great choice to have for outdoor survivalists.

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