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safe handling of old knives

3 Best Ways on How to Dispose Household Knife

No matter how great a knife is, there comes a time when you will need to replace it with a new, sharper knife. A new knife makes everything easier to cut through any ingredient in your kitchen. However, safely disposing of your knife should be your main priority. Knives are dangerous

8 Best Box Cutters Reviewed

Best Box Cutters and Utility Knives

The giddiness that comes with getting a box of gifts can be dampened when trying to open it. The sweat and struggle just to see what’s inside is often irritating. But with the best box cutter on hand, getting to your gift item is just a second away. In this

What Is the Best Keychain Tool You Should Carry Daily?

What Is the Best Keychain Tool for Everyday Carry?

If you are big on exploring the outdoors or you need a handy tool for work or home, your EDC keychain features the perfect tools for a wide range of jobs. However, with so many different models, features, and overall builds, it can be difficult to determine the best keychain

How to find the best Drywall Knife?

Best Drywall Knife for Home Improvement or Construction

The drywall knife is designed to cut your build time in half, making it a worthy investment for anyone serious about home improvement or construction. This blade is a vital tool that can seamlessly cut through drywall and slice through surface leads with no trouble whatsoever. My Top 3 Drywall

5 Best Linoleum Knife Top Picks for 2020

5 Best Linoleum Knives You Won´t Regret Buying in 2023

A linoleum knife is as useful today as it was in the past. Back then, many homes would use linoleum as flooring. Nowadays, most homes use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) instead. Despite this, linoleum is still the most common term for such flooring. My Top 3 Linoleum Knives It also isn’t

Best Utility Knife

Best And Most Versatile Utility Knife Money on The Market

A utility knife is a sharp and sturdy knife, traditionally with a fixed blade while the modern utility knife is available with different designs including retractable or folding blades. My Top 3 Utility Knives Best Utility Knife Picks for The Utility Knife, also known as a Stanley Knife in the

X-Acto Knife Guide

Best X-Acto Knives for Cutting Edge Precision in 2023

Arts and crafts people will no doubt already be familiar with the X-Acto knife, which has been around since 1930. What you may not know is that the hobbyist’s best friend was initially used by medical staff to perform surgeries on the battlefield. My Top 3 X-Acto Knives The story

Best Carpet Knife Reviewed for 2020

Best Carpet Knife You Can Find Right Now in 2023

When it comes to cutting carpets, the quality of the tool matters just as much as the style of tool you’re using. You don’t have to buy the best carpet knife, but you shouldn’t settle for the worst. The range of carpet knives out there can make it difficult to

Best Wood Carving Knives Reviewed

Best Wood Carving Tools for Beginners and Experts in 2023

Wood carving is an arcane art that is as creative as it is utilitarian. It’s one of the most rewarding skills to learn, and I’ve personally gotten great value out of the practice. My Top 3 Wood Carving Knives Through my carving experience, I’ve come across some of the best