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How to Find the Best Kiridashi Knife this 2020

Best Kiridashi Knife for 2024

As an adventure enthusiast, I love collecting outdoor and utility knives for use while hunting, hiking, or camping. One of my favorite parts of my collection happens to be my bold Kiridashi knife. My Top 3 Kiridashi Knives These beautiful utility blades come from Japan and serve as essential all-purpose

Best Wood Carving Knives Reviewed

Best Wood Carving Tools for Beginners and Experts in 2024

Wood carving is an arcane art that is as creative as it is utilitarian. It’s one of the most rewarding skills to learn, and I’ve personally gotten great value out of the practice. My Top 3 Wood Carving Knives Through my carving experience, I’ve come across some of the best

best scalpel

The Ultimate Scalpel Guide for Blade Enthusiasts in 2024

When it comes to finding a super precise tool for all kinds of detailed cuts, I personally look to my collection of scalpels. Contrary to what you may believe, these tiny blades aren’t just for surgery. They’re also great for woodworking, precise fruit and vegetable cuts, and much, much more.

5 Best Sloyd Knives for Wood Carving

5 Best Sloyd Knives for Wood Carving Reviewed for 2024

Wood carving, like many other hobbies, is one that becomes deeper and more in-depth as you increase the number of tools you have. At the same time, however, it’s sometimes best to have a single generalist tool that can handle everything you throw at it. My Top 3 Sloyd Knives