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10 Must Have Knife Types For Your Kitchen

Good knives share common traits – quality materials, full tang blades and sharp cutting edges. This buyer guide lists the best knife types to have in your kitchen.

Our review includes the Chef’s Knife, a staple in every aspiring chef’s kitchen, through to versatile blades such as the Paring Knife which is excellent for fine cutting. We also include popular styles such as the Santoku Knife, Boning Knife, Meat Cleaver, Bread Knife and Steak Knife.

10 Must-Have Knife Types For Your Kitchen

10 Must-have Knife Types For Your Kitchen

A professional chef is always prepared. This means having a well-rounded set set of knives for fine slicing through to heavy duty meat chopping.

Over the years, I’ve found myself reaching for certain knives much more often. Each has proven itself to be a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Some of these knives, I have found to be especially essential. Others are more of a quality-of-life improvement.

1. Chef’s Knife

A Chef Knife should be a staple in every aspiring chef’s kitchen.

Is a Chef's Knife one of the must-have knife types for your kitchen?

This quintessential kitchen knife is probably the most versatile knife of all. It can be used to chop, slice and dice. It can cut meat, vegetables and everything in between. If you can afford to get only a single knife, the chef’s knife is what you want. Other knives may make certain tasks easier, but the chef’s knife is the only knife that can do it all.

Chef’s knives can cost anywhere from twenty dollars for a cheap knife, all the way up to the hundreds for professional-grade quality . I don’t expect you to take out a loan for one, but don’t go for bottom-of-the-barrel prices, either, if you can help it.

2. Paring Knife

Although not as versatile as a chef’s knife, a Paring Knife is still one of the more versatile knives around.

Paring Knife

This kind of knife is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables. Other tasks, such as de-veining a shrimp, are also easier with a paring knife. Any sort of intricate or delicate work is easier with this knife, really.

Paring knives are usually inexpensive. It’s easy to find a good one for under ten bucks. Don’t be afraid to search around.

3. Bread Knife

Bread is something that I make sure to always have on hand. And sure, I could just cut it with any old knife, but a bread knife makes the process so much easier.

Bread Knife

But easier bread cutting is not the only thing that a bread knife does. It also makes your “cuts” smoother for a perfect slice of bread. Now a perfect cut may not seem like much, but trust me, it can really add to a meal. When you have a perfectly sliced piece of bread on hand, it’s hard to have a bland meal.

Like Paring Knives, bread knives are also inexpensive and easy to find cheap. Most of them are under twenty five dollars.

4. Santoku Knife

At first glance, a Santoku Knives look like Chef’s Knives. It’s an easy mistake to make, as aside from the angle and size, the two are nearly indistinguishable from one another.

Santoku Knife

The two knives can even be easily switched with one another in the kitchen. Both are extremely versatile knives that can handle most kitchen tasks. The differences, however, show up in how good each knife is at cutting food. The santoku, for instance, is perfect for creating thin slices of meat or vegetables.

When it comes to price, the same rules as the chef’s knife, also apply here. But you can still find some good deals for entry level Santoku Knives.

5. Boning Knife

Quality Boning Knives are designed to cut through and remove bones in meat and fish.

Boning Knife

Depending on the kind of food you cook, you may want to get more than one kind of boning knife. Beef and pork, for example, is best done with a stiff knife. Poultry or fish, on-the-other-hand, is easier to do with a flexible knife. In either case, a boning knife can be a major time-saver in the kitchen.

Boning knives can be easily brought for a low price . You might need to buy a second knife, so be prepared to factor that into the price.

6. Meat Cleaver

Unlike most of the other knives on this list, a Meat Cleaver can be a must-have tool or a waste of money.

Meat Cleaver

A cleaver is a large knife with a rectangular-blade. It’s usually an incredibly tough blade with a strong edge. This design allows it to withstand repeated blows into thick meat and bone. If you regularly cut through a lot of meat with bone, a cleaver is an invaluable tool to have around.

When it comes to price, try to avoid paying extravagant prices but don’t be afraid to pay a little more.

7. Utility Knife

When it comes to Utility Knives, the kitchen is the last place you’d think to find one.

Utility Knife

And that’s an unfortunate mistake as the kitchen is also the best place to have one. Sure, you may never use it for actual food, but a utility knife is incredibly helpful when you need to open a bag or cut a box. I mean, just think back on the number of times you wanted to open a bag of something. Wouldn’t it have been great to have a knife that could have gotten the job done quick and easy?

Talking price, good utility knives are easy to find at low prices as long as you don’t expect to have all the bells and whistles.

8. Carving Knife

Like the Santoku Knife, a Carving Knife is perfect for creating thin slices of meat.

Carving Knife

This style of kitchen knife is usually between 8 and 15 inches long and is noticeably thinner then than a chef’s or santoku knife. Unlike their bladed cousins, however, the carving knife makes it much easier to create a perfectly thin slice with perfect precision.

When it comes to carving knives, expect to pay a good amount of money for a decent knife.

9. Ceramic Knife

Ceramic Knives are tough. Unlike steel knives, ceramic knives will not corrode in harsh environments. And though they don’t look like it, a ceramic knife is usually as sharp as a regular knife.

Ceramic Knife

When it comes to boneless meat, vegetables, and bread, a ceramic knife may even be superior to a regular knife. Unfortunately, ceramic knives are brittle and they can easily break if you’re not careful.

When you’re shopping around for a ceramic knife sets, don’t be afraid to look for a great deal.

10. Steak Knife

Unlike regular table knives, Steak Knives are designed to cut juicy meat. A good steak knife lets you enjoy your meal instead of fighting it. Many steaks knives have serrated edge making them suitable for cutting steak and slicing bread.

Steak Knife

Price-wise, it’s fairly easy to find a good set of steak knives for a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

What Qualities You Should Look For In A Knife?

Finding a good knife can be a painless process. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can also be a difficult one.

Luckily, all good knives have a few common qualities that they all share. The quality of the material, a full tang blade and a powerful edge are all things you should keep an eye out for when shopping for a knife. At first, it may be a little difficult, but with experience, you’ll become an expert in finding quality knives where you least expect it.

Proper Knife Maintenance

Your job isn’t done once you buy a knife. In fact, it’s just beginning.

Proper knife care is just as important part of creating a meal. After you have finished using a knife, it’s important to properly clean the blade. Good knife care will help your knives last a long time.

It’s also important to regularly take time to sharpen your knives. With a little bit of knife maintenance, your knives will last much longer than they would otherwise. Not only that, but a properly cared-for knife will also cut a lot better.

Equipping Your Kitchen With The Best Knives Around

Whether you are a grizzled veteran or a complete newcomer, it’s important to stock your kitchen with the right tools.

A kitchen that is equipped with a wide variety of knives is a kitchen that is ready for anything. But preparedness isn’t anything that you’ll gain. You will also end up with an easier time inside the kitchen. You’ll be able to save time by using the right tools. And when you save time, you get to spend more time enjoying the things you like to do.

Things like enjoying a good meal with your friends and family.

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