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What Knife Do You Use in Cutting Bones?

Sometimes, you want to cut your whole meat all by yourself, perhaps save a few dollars or get precise cuts of meat. Whichever the case, you will need the right knife to do the job. Without the right knife, you may end up destroying unsuitable expensive knives you think are best for the job.

So then, what knife do you use in cutting bones? There are knife options for this task you may explore, and we shall consider them below. 

How About Using a Cleaver? 

The cleavers are the crude knives respected by many to handle the cutting of bones perfectly. They come with large rectangular blades that are heavier than regular blades. A classic meat cleaver is often about two pounds heavy. Also, this heavy construction comes with edges that acutely cut through anything.  

What knife do you use in cutting bones? Consider Meat Cleaver!

While cutting bones may be your main objective, this knife is versatile for slicing, cutting, and chopping through almost anything, as long as you can comfortably handle the knife for other purposes. The brutal sharpness of a cleaver has earned it a ranking among the world’s most versatile knives.  

However, since there are so many types of cleavers, each with different uses and construction, it is necessary to mention that for cutting bones, a meat cleaver is the most appropriate cleaver to use. The meat cleaver is thicker, heavier, and stronger.

Meat Cleavers come with a signature round hole on the upper part of the blade, and they are excellent for cutting bones, frozen meat, and other dense materials. Also, it is important to go for cleavers with stainless steel blades as this will reduce corrosion levels, which is healthy for you. 

Get It Done with a Butcher’s Knife  

The butcher’s knife is designed to have a long curvy, heavy blade. Often, the blade of a butcher’s knife comes with Granton edges with the kind of ultra-sharpness that helps you cut through larger bones and meat sizes.

In addition, the Graton on the edges helps in reducing friction. Hence, instead of the struggle you may encounter when trying to pull out a knife stuck in a bone, you get a more seamless slice.   

What knife do you use in cutting bones? You could never go wrong with a Butcher's knife!

You are not only going to cut through bones and meat. A butcher’s knife makes a perfect deboning knife too. While this knife cannot boast of the versatility a cleaver has, one thing is certain; that when it comes to the business of cutting bones, the butcher’s knife acutely delivers. A glance at the butcher’s knife will reveal a similarity between the knife and a machete.  

The butcher’s knife comes with super-heavy steel construction that accounts for its durability and ability to cut through bones and large portions of meat without chipping. In size, they are always between six to fourteen inches long, and you should pick a choice based on the average size of meat you cut in your kitchen. 

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Knife for Cutting Bones

1. Size

Most perfect knives for cutting bones are often between six to fourteen inches long. While the ideal length to choose is somewhat between seven and ten inches, the right size for you is determined by the kind of bones you are working on. Thus, poultries may not require the same length as larger meats may require.  

2. Blade

The heavier the blade, mainly when constructed with the suitable material, the better the impact. Always opt for a thicker blade with a high carbon stainless steel construction. With this, durability is assured. A double bevel edge is really important for cleavers, while for a butcher’s knife, always go with the Granton edge. 

3. Handle

Most possibly, you are going to be dealing with a lot of fat and moisture. Thus, it becomes important to go for the handle that offers you a solid ergonomic grip and balance. Always go for handles with anti-slip features. This may come in the form of dimples on the handle or texturized materials for the handle. 

What Knife Do You Use in Cutting Bones?

You can never avoid cutting through bones in your kitchen, and using the wrong knife for cutting bones will make a mess of your cuts of meat. It may even damage the knife. The two wholesome solutions to the famous question, “What knife do you use in cutting bones?‘, are the meat cleavers and the butcher’s knife.

These knife options offer the unique versatility required of a boning knife, and they are super durable too. Are they expensive? We think this is primarily determined by your budget and the kind of quality you desire. 

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