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Here are Four of Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Knives

Chef Gordon Ramsay is best known for his hit cooking shows. With such a reputation, it’s safe to say that he takes his cutting instruments seriously. As you would expect from a world-class chef, Gordon Ramsay is meticulous when it comes to choosing the tools of his trade; including his selection of cooking knives.

In this article, let’s get to know four of Gordon Ramsay’s favorite knives as well as his basic knife skill tips every aspiring chef should learn from.

Four of Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Knives

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Knives

On the program Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay is seen to use a 12-piece Zwilling J.A Henckels knife block in black, although he also favors the Wusthoff brand. The impressive Zwilling 12 block can also be seen on Hell’s Kitchen, but Gordon says that few of the essential knives that any chef or cook should have are as follows.

Chef’s Knife

Gordon Ramsay's favorite Chef knife

Heavy and super sharp, a Chef’s Knife like the one Chef Ramsay uses is largely used for dividing meat from the bone as well as slicing and dicing. As a Chef’s Knife needs to be able to cut through meat, fat, and tendons, Chef Ramsay tends to favor options made from a high-carbon steel alloy, which is rust-resistant and easy to sharpen. A good Chef’s Knife should last a lifetime (although perhaps not if Chef Ramsay insists on throwing them at a target during his shows).

Paring Knife

Gordon Ramsay's favorite Paring knife

No kitchen is complete without a small paring knife like the one Gordon uses, which should be kept on-hand for peeling and slicing as well as delicate work such as removing pulses from their pods. When shopping for a good paring knife, look for an ultra-thin blade with a spear-like point. Steel alloy and titanium are best if you want a knife that will last you for years to come.

Carving Knife

Gordon Ramsay's favorite Carving knife

Chances are you already have one, but it may not be up to the standards of Chef Ramsay who insists on the Wusthoff brand carving knife for his. A carving knife is generally used for taking thin slices of meat from a larger cut – a job that can be sloppy if you don’t use the right instrument. A good carving knife should have a long, thin cutting edge with a pointed tip, and should always be kept as sharp as possible for the best results.

Serrated Knife

Gordon Ramsay's favorite Carving knife

This one is essential for the slicing of items such as cake and bread which have a coarse texture. Gordon Ramsay’s pick for serrated knife has a comfortable handle, deep serrations and a fair amount of weight to help gently cut through soft food items.

While we may not all, sadly, have Chef Ramsay’s budget for kitchen knives and equipment, it is very much worth investing as much as you can in your knives if you’re a keen cook. While Chef Ramsay generally favors a steel alloy or titanium knife he has, at times, been spotted using a stainless ceramic blade. Although these are rust-resistant, light and sharp, they can be prone to chipping and breaking if you’re not careful.

Essential Knife skills according to Gordon

Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Knives: Essential Knife skills according to Gordon

Having the right knives is a great start to your cooking adventures, but you also need to know how to use them properly. Thankfully, Chef Ramsay is happy to share some of his top tips in developing great knife skills:

The three finger rule

When holding a knife, your middle finger should be at the front with your index and ring fingers behind. Always pay attention to the knife blade and keep fingers well clear if you want to keep them!

Get sharp

Invest in a good quality knife sharpener and get into the habit of regularly sharpening your knives as a dull knife makes for sloppy and inaccurate work.

Start simple

When practicing your knife techniques, start with soft vegetables like zucchini as these are easy to slice and dice. Once you’ve got the hang of these, you can work your way up to the butternut squash, which Gordon says is one of the most difficult vegetables to dice.

Get creative

Once you’ve mastered the basics of slicing, cubing and dicing, you’re ready to move onto more complicated things such as julienne vegetables. As a chef, presentation is a big part of the process, so it’s worth spending the time to learn how to make ingredients look as attractive as possible.

There are a staggering 19 different kinds of cuts that are regularly used in professional kitchens. While you may not need to use all of these, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them in order to expand your repertoire.

Chef Ramsay says, “Holding a knife is like driving a car; you’ve got to feel so comfortable behind that wheel, but, more importantly, you’ve got to relax your hands.”

Safety first

Of course, safety is of paramount importance when using and sharpening knives, and it’s really important to follow the guidelines set out by the manufacturer of your knife sharpener. When using knives, fingers should always be kept away from the blade and knives should of course be kept well out of reach of children. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can do no better than learning from the man himself.

Cooking is a joyous skill that can last a lifetime, and learning how to do it properly takes time and patience. Although Chef Ramsay studied hotel management and didn’t, in fact, go to culinary school, his passion (and occasional profanity) have made him one of the most successful chefs of all time.

Not only that, but Gordon was also once a talented footballer. At the age of just 15, he was recruited by the professional football team, the Glasgow Rangers, and spent three years with the team until forced out by a knee injury in 1985. Thankfully, he then went on to score big in his career as a restaurateur and celebrity!

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